Jamiroquai keyboard player and songwriter Matt Johnson has released a solo album after his idea of going it alone was “accelerated” during lockdown.

Many Bucks residents are aware that Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay lives in the county - in a multi-million pound mansion in Horsenden - but keyboard player and co-producer Matt, 51, called the village of Penn home for more than 10 years.

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The music star said he always had thoughts of releasing solo music, but the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown helped cement those plans - and he set about creating his first album, With The Music.

Matt joined forces with record label Splash Blue, which is also partly based in Bucks with a unit in Aylesbury, the album became a reality.

The record consists of eight jazz/funk tracks - with echoes of Herbie Hancock, and 70s electronic expansive keys. Tracks include The Return, New Terrain, The Freedom and Venus Rising.

Keeping with the local theme, the vinyl records were created at High Wycombe-based Duplion Ltd.

The album was officially released on all platforms on August 21.

Announcing the release, Matt said on social media: “I want to thank everyone who has supported me and sent lovely messages, it means the world to me. Also to the amazing musicians who generously contributed their talents.”

Matt came up through the London soul scene in the 1990s before joining Jamiroquai in 2002.

Since then, he has co-written more than 30 songs with the band, producing and co-writing all of their last album together, Automaton, as well as co-writing hits like Seven Days in Sunny June, released in 2005, which was part of the band’s sixth studio album Dynamite, along with Don’t Give Hate A Chance and 2006 offering Runaway - the band’s first and only single to be taken from their greatest hits compilation album High Times: Singles 1992-2006.

Matt’s new album has already been a hit with fans.

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One described it as “funky summer jams that we desperately need. It’s an incredible record”.

Another added: “Just fantastic, grooving, soulful, funky music with an amazing production level.”

You can buy the album on vinyl for £18.99 or the digital album for £7.99.

Go online now to matt-johnson.bandcamp.com/album/with-the-music-album for all buying options.

You can check Matt out on social media - his Facebook is www.facebook.com/mattjohnsonjamiroquai and his Instagram is at www.instagram.com/mattjohnsonjamiroquai.