Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships.

Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 3:


Your ambitious plans will impress people in power. You’re hoping they will recognise the potential you possess. An offer will confirm your boss believes in your ability to take on a challenging yet important task. A lot will happen very fast and by the week you will be pinching yourself to prove you aren’t dreaming. If your first attempt to organise a small event with friends fails, a second try should bring about the desired result.


Sharing your thoughts and feelings will come naturally to you now. No matter who you are with, you will be honest with your comments and answers. Conversations will flow. New experiences will light up your life. Remind yourself of how excited you felt during the planning stages of a project. Now you’re close to the launch don’t start worrying about what’s ahead. You’re about to start a new life journey and this will bring enhanced happiness.


Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. If the thought of taking on a new commitment or taking part in an online official forum makes you nervous, ask a knowledgeable and worldly-wise friend to be with you for emotional support. People are sincere in their praise. Remember too that there is help around you in the shape of family and friends should you ever need a reassuring hand. There is work to be done but this should not mean you have to cut yourself off from your family.


Harmony is something to encourage within your family. An older relative is making waves and it may be up to you to find a way to appease them. This could mean agreeing to plans you aren’t overly enthusiastic about but if it helps keep the peace, the sacrifice will be worth it. Why do you feel you don’t deserve the rewards or an award that is coming your way? You’ve put in a lot of effort to get this far and people want to show appreciation for your hard work.


An award or public recognition of your contribution to a worthy cause will take you by surprise. You feel there are others who are just as worthy of this acclaim. Once you get over the idea of your unworthiness, you will accept and start to enjoy the success you have achieved. Don’t be surprised if you encounter opportunities to advance your job prospects. These may involve a complete change in career direction.


Group projects will be fun as it’s been a while since you and a team of people you’ve always enjoyed getting together with have met up. Online chats and meetups have worked well but face to face contact has a benefit in that you aren’t so easily distracted. Contacting a colleague outside working hours helps you get to know each other. You may be nervous about mixing business with pleasure but in this case, it could work well.


You’re in tune with your intuition. A vivid dream will help you find the answer to a problem relating to romance or finance. With your dreams being so meaningful, this would be a good time to start a dream journal. You’re ready to break new ground. The thought of travel and meeting new people and enjoying a change of scenery and variety fills you with excitement. If it’s possible any activities that take you away from your usual routines will be welcomed.


Every day is a choice. There’s some confusion regarding a work or domestic issue. Little, if any of this has been caused by you but others expect you to sort it out. You are tired of always having to come to other people’s rescue. If you do decide to let others to take responsibility for their own actions, stick to your guns. A job involving working closely with someone you’ve always admired is a strong possibility. Waiting, hoping and looking forward to what’s to come makes life exciting.


Find a balance between what’s important and what’s not. Family want to spend time with you. Worrying about having to carry out commitments that are difficult and time consuming will take the edge off your enjoyment. It’s worth paying attention to the words of an older relative or in-law. They may have something on their mind and they need some advice but they’re finding it hard to broach the subject. If you want to talk a matter over further, give them a call. Mutual interests will be rewarding.


If you’re unsure of your ability in a new venture, someone with a sensible nature and many practical skills will befriend you. They will help you work alongside others without feeling threatened by their experience or expertise. Having to tiptoe your way around touchy topics is making you impatient. You don’t want to cause unnecessary upset but you do want people to reach agreement over a contentious issue so you can all move on.


It takes time for some people to get used to new situations. Family and friends will ask for a chance to get used to your adventurous ideas before putting them into practice. If you sense someone is overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, slow down and tone down some of your suggestions. It will take a while for you to master a new skill but you never expected it would be easy. You will keep on trying until you are satisfied with your efforts.


A meeting with a small group of socially distancing people will help establish the priorities of a new group project. Once important details have been agreed, a follow up discussion can be held, virtually. If you are single, you could be surprised by how well you get on with someone involved in a fund-raising exercise. You may not have been looking to start a relationship but these could be the first cautious steps towards a rewarding romance.