A PETITION to prevent drivers using a stretch of road where two cyclists died as a “racetrack” will be presented to the transport authority in hopes it will compel speed reduction measures and “stop future deaths”.

A publicly led campaign, garnering more than 1,700 signatures, will be used to persuade Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) to introduce a 50mph speed limit and other restrictions to the A40 between West Wycombe and Studley Green.

The petition follows an earlier failed attempt to reduce the speed limit to 40mph after cyclists Damien Natale and Andy Coles were both killed in a horror car crash near the Old Dashwood Hill junction, on June 1.

West Wycombe Independent Councillor Darren Hayday is supporting the proposed changes.

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Throughout 2018/19, road safety measures were installed between Stokenchurch (J M40) and West Wycombe (J A4010) following a three-year study by the Road Safety Foundation which found the route to be “one of the top 50 highest risk A routes in England”.

An earlier review in 2007 saw the speed limit in Studley Green set at 40mph and a failed attempt to set the speed limit between Studley Green and West Wycombe at 50mph. Campaigners are asking TfB to “reconsider” the latter.

During a North West Chilterns Community Board meeting, on Wednesday, September 30, Cllr Hayday said: “Initially, the petition asked to bring the speed limit down from 60mph to 40mph, but unfortunately that couldn’t happen.

“We asked for more safety measures to stop future deaths from happening, whether that’s cyclists, pedestrians, or motorcyclists.

“This particular stretch of road did have a whole series of safety measures installed about a year ago, but sadly we had two deaths since then.

Bucks Free Press:

“I personally had a cyclist friend also run down [in that area] about two years ago who had to be airlifted and thankfully did survive.

“I’ve seen it myself – we get very high-speed vehicles shooting down there, whether it’s motorcyclists, or cars, or otherwise.

“What we would really like is average speed cameras, one from Studley Green and one towards Piddington.

“Cars bomb it down once they get past Studley Green and literally use it like a racetrack until they get to West Wycombe.

“Getting speed cameras would be very costly, however it’s the only proper policing method we can use to deter people speeding down that road.”

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Other recommended safety measures at Dashwood Hill include cyclist warning signs and encouraging people on bikes to use this carriageway instead of the A40, permanent closure of a narrow footway, and cutting back a tree canopy.

Simon Digby, chairman of Piddington and Wheeler End Parish Council, supported Cllr Hayday in saying: “I’ve lived beside Dashwood Hill for 27 years and every weekend I hear the high-performance cars and motorbikes bombing up and down.”

He said a minority of people are driving at “well over 100mph”. Adding: “This stretch of road does need action.”

Councillor Bill Bendyshe-Brown “strongly” recommended the petition to TfB, with full support of the Community Board.

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