A mysterious film set that has been built in Little Marlow has left nearby footpaths flooded, a disgruntled member of the public has claimed – amid confusion over what is happening at the site.

The footpath at Muschallick Road in the village is under water with various soft spots and puddles forming next to the public path that is well-used by walkers.

It comes after a huge film set was built, along with a temporary car park.

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Currently, there are around ’60 odd cars and vans laid with heavy plastic decking panels and fences’, Bourne End resident John Collins told the Free Press.

The arrival of the huge set has left many residents and regular walkers scratching their heads – as the whole thing appears to be shrouded in mystery.

Mr Collins said: “Along with many others, my wife and I enjoy walking along the river and around Little Marlow’s paths.

“Apart from the views and wildlife, we have been intrigued by the huge film set development close to the Thames Water treatment plant (a triumph for planning approval processes next to a Nature Reserve!).

“This has now become a huge operation, all behind closed doors.

“A polite inquiry about what James Bond/Star Wars etc, it gets the response of ‘we’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement’.

“Engaging the site’s security man, with a polite request that they consider moving the fence up the slope, provide a platformed walkway, improve drainage or other neighbourly act, the answer was on the lines of ‘can’t, shan’t, won’t’.

“Perhaps it’s time to publicise this secret site a little more?”

The walker also revealed that the new temporary car park is about the size of ‘half a football pitch’.

And after examining the area, Mr Collins confirmed that there are no signs to indicate what the film set is being used for.

Buckinghamshire Council said the film set was allowed to built under permitted development rights instead of needing full planning permission – a move the government introduced to help support film-making in the UK.

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Charles Brocklehurst, the property and assets chief at Buckinghamshire Council, said the move gives filmmakers temporary rights to film.

He added that the set is “well-screened” from the main area of the nearby Spade Oak nature reserve, an important area for wildlife.

He said: “There is more to come in the field now used in part for car parking. You will see marquees in due course, as ancillary to the set itself.”

Mr Brocklehurst also confirmed that filming isn’t due to start until early next year and that they are ‘aiming to be gone’ by the spring.

He also confirmed that residents have been ‘informed’ and the film set is not a ‘secret’.

He continued: “Film production companies are very protective of their intellectual property rights; it’s common practice for them not to openly broadcast the film they are working upon.

“I think it is about retaining its element of surprise and averting fans (in these days of easy digital recording).

“Local residents, anglers and ‘Twitchers’ have been kept well informed and are being very tolerant of this temporary use.

“So it’s no ‘secret’ and doesn’t really bother anyone.

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“The financial return to the council is enabling the process of improvements to the paths around the lake to commence.

“It also brings the benefit of ‘secondary spend’ to the local hostelries.”

He added that the council has recently repaired a “particularly worn” and overgrown section of the reservoir’s perimeter path as part of the improvements.