A PETITION calling for changes to an “extremely dangerous” junction “crying out” for revision has been recommended to the transport authority.

Campaigners arguing for alterations to the speed limit and improved signage at the Bar Lane junction with the A4129 Thame Road, in Longwick, have had their collective signatures passed to Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB), with backing from several councillors.

The issue was raised during a North West Chilterns Community Board meeting, on Wednesday, September 30.

A “number of concerned residents”, led by Cllr Bill Bendyshe-Brown, demanded the transport authority conduct a full feasibility study of the problem road, including the possibility of using a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on surrounding land to increase visibility.

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Despite having no recorded fatalities, the campaign group cites instances of drivers crashing into fences and having to be pulled from the “wreckage” of oncoming traffic, owing to “insufficient signage”.

And although TfB has “rejuvenated” exiting road markings and installed new signage, residents still insist it is “dangerous” and “incredibly difficult to see anybody coming from Thame”.

Cllr Bendyshe-Brown said: “We’ve had a series of accidents, particularly this past year, but over previous years as well, where drivers come down Bar Lane and there is insufficient signage for people to know they’re coming to a junction unless they now the road very well.

“We’ve had several cars go right across the road hitting the fence on the other side and indeed we’ve had several crashes where drivers have hit other vehicles going down the Thame Road.

“There have been several times when fire crews had to release people from the wreckage there as well.

“We’ve had no fatalities and therefore TfB has said unless we raise a formal request, they’re not going to be able to do anything else.

“But if you’re pulling out of that junction it is incredibly difficult to see anybody coming from Thame.

“We recommend TfB undertake a full feasibility study of the road, including maybe having to CPO some of the land so we have a full splay of visibility.”

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Cllr Bendyshe-Brown said TfB had mentioned introducing “rumble strips” to alert drivers they are approaching a junction.

He added: “It behoves us to recognise this is quite a dangerous spot and we want to do something to stop it.”

Community Board chairman Cllr Gary Hall supported Cllr Bendyshe-Brown, describing the area as an “extremely dangerous spot” which is “crying out” for revision. Adding: “You have to pull out just to see what’s coming.”

Community Board members voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.

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