A Q&A has been released to potential participants who are thinking about running in this year’s Santa Fun Run in Marlow.

The race will be done virtually due to the ongoing pandemic, with the event taking place over the weekend of December 5 and 6.

However, many questions have been asked on how the race will work, but the chair of the Santa Fun Run, John Prout, has answered the most commonly asked questions regarding this year’s race, following the announcement to go online in the summer.

The questions and answers are as follows:

QUESTION: In some social media commentary there is uncertainty as to whether the event will take place?

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ANSWER: “We are unsure where this uncertainty came from, but we can say the event will definitely take place as described on the website.

“The run (or walk) will occur over the weekend of December 5 and 6 – with small teams ‘self-managing’ their route, start times and compliance with the prevailing Covid rules.”

QUESTION: What about the latest Government announcements and restrictions? Surely, they have an impact?

ANSWER: “The ‘rule of six’ must of course be followed.

“But the planning for this entirely outdoor event assumed that something like this would occur - so any team consisting of more than six participants will need to separate into ‘bubbles’ of six or less if required.

“So, we are ready to go and raise lots of money for mainly local charities.”

QUESTION: What if things change between now and December 5th & 6th?

ANSWER: “We will update our website nearer the time - and we will email all lead entrants before the event.

“All participants will also get an ‘advisory’ letter when they receive their runner packs. Even in full lockdown people were allowed outside to take part in daily exercise - and we have organised this event so that runners can adapt to whatever circumstances.

“We are totally confident that the event will be a great success!”

QUESTION: How can charities, clubs, schools, PTAs, etc take part?

ANSWER: “We think the event is tailor made for these groups.

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“We already have a good number of charities organising small groups to run across the County.

“And they are already setting up their Virgin Giving pages to raise as much money as possible.

“In a year when almost all other fundraising events have ceased this event allows a fantastic opportunity to get together as a group (albeit dispersed) and do something special.

“And if the weather forecast on Saturday, December 5, is terrible - just move it all back to Sunday, December 6.”

QUESTION: Is it true that the Santa Suits have to be shipped from China?

ANSWER: “As far as we know most Santa Suits sold in the UK are supplied from Chinese sources these days.

“To avoid risks caused by supply chain problems we ordered the suits early and we have 3000 in storage in Marlow – in Adult and Child (five and over) sizes.

“However, if demand exceeds 3,000 we cannot be confident of securing more supplies in time for the event.”

For more information, visit www.santasfunrun.org.