DRUGS and violent crime in Wycombe were the leading concerns of the public during a question-answer session involving Thames Valley Police.

Fears about rising drug use in Castlefield and weapon attacks in Easton Street ranked top in the minds of two residents who grilled Inspector Steve Bobbett during a Community Board meeting on Wednesday, September 23.

But how well did Insp Bobbett respond and do his answers instil confidence enough is being done?

Well, here is your chance to rate those responses if you were not in that meeting using our poll and to leave comments on areas of improvement below.

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Question 1: “Drugs have been a problem in Castlefield for a while.

“What engagement are you planning on taking, especially when a lot of the public there consider the rise in drugs to correlate with the reduction in youth services and the closing of local community centres?”

Answer: “We have held a couple of weeks of action up in Castlefield, one of those being a proactive operation, the second more around engagement.

“We have put in a dedicated beat officer in Castlefield and we do have more plans on the horizon to make sure that we link in with the community in the longer term.

“Part of that will be reaching out to community members and businesses to problem solve in a community way.”

Insp Bobbett urged any residents wishing to assist TVP in this campaign to contact the force directly.

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Question 2: “There seems to be a massive rise in really awful crimes in Wycombe, often in broad daylight.

“There was someone recently attacked near the courts with a machete. It’s not the first thing like that I’ve heard in recent months, it’s really worrying and it seems to be escalating.

“I’m just wondering what is being done proactively to prevent those attacks from happening?”

An 18-year-old man, from High Wycombe, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following the stabbing of a 19-year-old man in Easton Street, on September 7.

It is believed a machete or sword was used.

Answer: “It is viewed daily and we do put our resources where it is needed most.

“We are proactively policing around county drugs lines. We review crime statistics, heat maps of where crime is happening, and hold regular meetings to prioritise what needs to be done and dedicate resources to it.

“We look at crime over the last 24 hours and where we need to take action.”

Insp Bobbett said TVP can bid for additional support and resources from neighbouring forces.

How did Insp Bobbett do?

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