Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the comedy genius Ricky Gervais for the day?

Well, lookalike Tim Oliver has impersonated David Brent and Ricky Gervais for the last 17 years and gets to travel the world doing just that. 

He even got to spend a week closer to home at Bucks' Pinewood Studios where he acted as body double to the global star.

Of course, the real Gervais can also be spotted out and about in Marlow, where he owns a house near the Thames.

Mr Oliver said:

“My job is amazing, I just take the mickey out of people and have a laugh. It’s brilliant.”

It wasn’t long after the hit series The Office first aired in 2001 that people started to realise Tim had an uncanny resemblance to Ricky Gervais. 

Bucks Free Press:

The 'Chippendoubles' appeared on the 2010 series of Britain's Got Talent (Image: Tim Oliver). 

He said: “People started coming up to me in the street and they kept telling me I looked like the bloke off the tele, but they didn’t really know his name at that time”. 

Tim was running an events company and originally didn’t have much interest in the show, having been reluctant to watch it after the unwanted recognition in the street. 

However, after Tim’s  secretary told him that he reminded her of the main character, David Brent, whenever he asked her to do something, he decided he reluctantly had to watch the show. 

Tim laughed: “I had to watch it, I didn’t want to at first but I love it now and I’m glad I did and 17 years down the line here we are.”

Not only does Tim look like Ricky Gervais, he also has the perfect accent to impersonate him.

He said:

“People often think I’m putting the voice on but I have to tell them that I’m actually not, this is just how I speak, which is quite weird.” 

Being the spitting image of Ricky Gervais for 17 years, Tim has met the star on various occasions including working as his body double on the muppet movie which “was great” and meant he spent a week in Bucks’ Pinewood Studios. 

Bucks Free Press:

When Ricky Gervais (left)  and Tim Oliver (right) met (Image: Tim Oliver).

Since the start of his career Tim has been flown all over the world to perform stand-up shows and hilarious sketches from The Office. 

Since appearing on Britain’s Got Talent in 2010 as one of the ‘Chippendoubles’, Tim has flown all over the world - spending a lengthy time in Australia. 

Tim explained: “With the show Lookalikes and appearing on Britain’s Got Talent the Aussie market became quite large.

“For my first trip to Aus I was asked to appear in a commercial for Sara Lee Cheesecake, believe it or not. “

Unaware of it at the time, Channel 4’s hit series Lookalikes was being aired in Australia, a show in which Tim was one of the main stars. 

Bucks Free Press:

Tim Oliver (right) as David Brent on Channel 4's the Lookalikes. (Image: Tim Oliver)

He said: “People kept coming up to me in the street saying ‘alright mate you’re on the tele’ which was weird actually getting recognised for me, not as Ricky.”

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic working life has changed massively for Tim who is used to travelling here, there and everywhere for work.

“Now I do alot of corporate videos and messages for people - I recently hosted a Zoom quiz with more than 300 people” he said.

Tim Oliver as Ricky Gervais and David Brent can be found online for video messages and hiring