Marlow Town Council has reminded those who live in the town to dispose of their own waste after several items were left near Marlow Bridge.

On the morning of Monday, October 12, MTC confirmed that it took them 'nearly two hours' to clear up scrap which was left by the famous bridge, after magnet fishers had explored the Marlow stretch of the Thames over the weekend.

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It is not the first time that magnet fishers in Marlow have made themselves known in the town as in 2019, the bridge was shut due to a wartime grenade being found in the river.

In a brief statement that was shared on Facebook, Marlow Town Council said: “This [the scrap in the photo] had to be cleared from near Marlow Bridge this morning [October 12].

"It took nearly two hours, time that could have been much better spent elsewhere.

“It is rubbish from a weekend's magnet fishing.

"If you do pull something out of the river, please dispose of it yourself.”

Following the revelation, many people called for magnet fishing to be banned in the town.

One Facebook user asked Marlow Town Council: “Can Marlow Town Council enforce a ban on magnet fishing from the bridge and banks of the river in Marlow?”

In response, MTC said: “Unfortunately not, we have asked Bucks Council to pursue this.”

Another user said: “It’s [magnet fishing] banned on the Jubilee River, not that I would have expected that to be old enough for treasure!

“It should be stopped.”

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However, one Facebook user was quick to defend magnet fishing as a hobby, and believes those who don’t clear up after themselves give responsible magnet fishers a ‘bad name’.

He said: “I do magnet fishing but always take what I find.

"[I] never leave it.

“If it’s a lot then we get a scrap man to collect it.

“It's good fun for the whole family, just be responsible and clear up after, as things like this will give it a bad name.

“Be responsible - it's not hard.”

Magnet fishing has also become a very popular trend for YouTube content, with the videos usually reaching thousands of views.