Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships.

Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 17:


You might follow the lead set by a partner or housemate where a home improvement scheme is concerned. At first you will begrudge a situation that makes you feel as if you are being pushed into the background. Later you will realise why other people were right to pursue their ideas. For when you see the results of their suggestions you will become a willing helper rather than a mere passenger. A creative idea will enhance your home or workplace.


There’s a difference between being creative and allowing wishful thinking to get the better of you. Trust your common sense when making big decisions. With your natural ability to stay within practical boundaries, it shouldn’t be difficult to channel your bright ideas in a sensible direction. You feel rushed and it’s difficult to decide what to do when you aren’t even seeing results of your recent efforts. The stresses and strains of this process make it more important than ever for you to take time off to relax.


You might feel irritated and suffocated by someone who can’t seem to leave you alone. When you aren’t together, their text messages will distract you from your work. Turn off your mobile when you’re working on tasks that require deep concentration. Don’t get drawn into any underhanded business. Getting too involved with the wrong types could have a negative effect on your reputation. Keep people who try to cut corners at arm’s length.


Love and romance fill your thoughts as you dream about when you can spend more time together. There will be more opportunity later in the week to indulge in fun pastimes. You will enjoy these pleasures. This is a good time to apply for a promotion or a new job. In the past you may have held back from making new career moves when your hard work was ignored. Those in high places now respect and acknowledge the personal sacrifices you have made.


Putting your trust in someone who has always been there for you in the past will bring you peace of mind. Sometimes it is reassuring to know you have the help and support of reliable friends when you need it. To find peace within, mediation is the key. The world might feel as if it is spinning rapidly around you, leaving you without much control of events and this is disorientating. Try to Find some time for your spiritual needs. Turn your attention inward


With you being more fun loving, cheerful and positive, you are likely to attract a lot of romantic attention. Be sure to enjoy a little light flirtation but don’t read too much into this. Some people are just enjoying being out and about and aren’t looking to make a heavy commitment. Joining a new club, forum or organisation will give you a sense of purpose and an outlet for your creativity. More excitement is what you need and that’s what you are about to get.


There’s a difference between being independent yet seeing your partner regularly and having so much freedom that the only time you meet up is online. In the first instance you will have a strong relationship. In the latter, either you or your partner could lose interest over time. Your priority should be in getting the balance right. Finding new ways to attain financial security is also a big priority. Taking out a new insurance policy will give you peace of mind.


A friend or partner is giving you the impression they don’t want to continue a relationship. You feel hurt and rejected. If they haven’t said anything and you are relying on intuition, it could be that your instincts are wrong. Have a heart to heart discussion then you will know where you stand. Whether you have a work, money or family matter on your mind, wondering what to do is causing you sleepless nights. Making a definite decision and taking action on this will be better than doing nothing.


You feel more empowered to deal with someone who has recently intimidated you or made you feel anxious. You will know just what to do or say to discourage their haughty behaviour. Their reaction will not be as you expect. A sincere apology will be offered and this will boost your self-esteem. You will pour enthusiasm into learning a new subject. Taking a course will give you a new lease of life but it will take more than enthusiasm to get a good grade.


Getting together with a small group of friends will make you feel good about life. Recently you’ve been preoccupied with work and financial problems. Spending time with people who make you laugh will help ease everyday troubles. You can understand a workmate’s need to be careful but they’re being far too wary. Their hesitance could lose you some good opportunities. It’s not like you to be impatient but You may have to take the initiative.


A group effort could hit a few snags. If you’re around when this occurs, you will be able to change methods and overcome the hurdle. If the problem has been left unresolved by another person, it will be time consuming to discover what went wrong, where and why. Only then will you be able to find a solution. Before accepting an impulsive offer, check out how much it might cost you in terms of time, effort and money, in the long-term.


You may have to combine business with pleasure. You never expected to do business with a friend. If this arrangement is likely to be of a long-term nature, set down the terms in a contract before you begin. Adopting a positive attitude will be beneficial. A home improvement project could run into a lot of expense unless you decide on a budget from the start. By knowing what you can spend on everything, your hard-earned money will go far.