AS promised last week, some of the late Malcolm’s spectacular aerial views:

1) Malcolm preparing for take-off at Booker Air Park.

2) Looking down on West Street, High Street and Spittal Street.

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Top left in this picture, the newly built Rookery Court can be seen. The open space, now Liston Road Car Park, was Morris’ Field.

The old cinema building was still standing at the end of Spittal Street, opposite the line of shops that included Tesco.

Lower left where Sainsbury’s and the Riley Road Car Park are now was Battings Hardware with various outbuildings and a rather basic garden centre behind.

This original large framed picture used to hang in Lawrence, Son & Laird, Estate Agents.

3) Looking down on the lock and the newly built luxury apartment blocks that had replaced the former Marlow Mill.

4) Nice views of the church, bridge and Higginson Park, and the Compleat Angler Hotel. The Regal Cinema is top right next to Marlow Place.

Lower left, the extensive works of Meakes’ Boathouses.

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5) It’s a Regatta Day picture with Traylen’s Funfair filling the park. Foreground: the bowling green and tennis courts.

How many readers remember Marlow’s branch of “Woolies”?

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