Here is this week's weather forecast for Buckinghamshire.

Today (October 19) will see highs of around 13°C from 1pm and this will last for around three hours.

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The weather itself will be overcast with sunny spells scattered throughout, with the evening being the chilliest part of the day, with temperatures dropping to 11°C.

There will also be a moderate breeze.

Tomorrow (October 20) will see highs of around 17°C but it will be overcast all day, with Wednesday (October 21) being very wet, with rain expected to last from the morning until early evening.

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However, despite the pending wet Wednesday, we’ll see highs of around 15°C.

Thursday (October 22), will see sunny spells with patchy cloud.

The highest temperature will reach 14°C and Friday (October 23) will be very similar to Thursday, except there will be some rain with temperatures reaching 13°C.