COVID-19 cases in Buckinghamshire are predicted to rise in the coming weeks.

A worrying trend in rising cases across the country, including in Buckinghamshire, has been highlighted in the interactive map devised by Imperial College London.

The tool predicts which parts of the country have the greatest probability of seeing coronavirus cases rise above 100 per 100,000.

The tool models data from daily reported cases and weekly reported deaths to provide a projection as to where boroughs are heading.

The predictions assume current interventions will remain as in the area, for example lockdowns and school closures.


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Currently, Buckinghamshire has an 87 per cent probability of recording more than 100 cases per week. 

The model shows that this percentage increases to 95 per cent by next week.

Just one week ago, the probability of more than 100 cases per week stood at just 32 per cent. 

Towns are categorised as either increasing, likely increasing, direction unclear, likely decreasing and decreasing.

Very few areas in the country have been deemed as anything other than increasing.

It comes as COVID cases continue to rise across the country.

To view the interactive map, click here.