A man from Marlow who criticised pubs for putting out benches which he believes impair the social distancing rules has been lambasted by those who live in the town.

Marlovian Bob Savidge believes that eateries are spilling out onto the pavement, which makes it difficult for shoppers to keep to the two-metre social distancing rule, and singled out The Chequers in Marlow High Street as an example.

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He said: “They have reduced the pavement to one metre, hence no chance of passing within social distancing rules of two metres.

“The road at this point is designated as a loading/unloading bay creating a barrier and more movement of delivery staff and trolleys on the same restricted path.

“Do the council really represent the people of Marlow and our visitors or just the traders?

“Have the licencing laws been changed and has the Chequers license been extended?

"How much is this costing the taxpayer? What next!”

Following his complaint, both Buckinghamshire Council and The Chequers have refuted Mr Savidge's claims and provided evidence to show that the high street venue currently hold the necessary license to put benches out on the pavement.

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This has led Mr Savidge to be heavily criticised on social media, with some suggesting that he should support businesses during this current health and economic crisis.

On Facebook, Gemma-Leigh James said: “Give businesses a break.

“I say they’re only trying to survive in a time that’s been extremely difficult and challenging.

“We sat in these benches the other week it was lovely to watch all the goings on in our lovely high street.

“Surely pedestrians can just move around and be a little patient!

“If businesses are not allowed to adapt to the current regulations, they risk closing which is more unemployment for our local town not to mention the effect on our micro-economy.

“I hate the way businesses are getting a bad name on social media just now when they are only trying their best.

“Let’s be kind and support each other and we’ll all get through this together.”

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Terry Hastings said: “Absolutely support the business.

"The rates they pay - I would advocate BACKING OFF.

“The pavement is still double the width of the west side of the high street.

"People would still be moaning seeing customers cramped inside.

“Either cross the road, park at Court Garden, or walk through Claremont and the shopping centre where the pavements are less than a metre wide anyway.”

Rhys Naughton added: “I’m going to make sure I go there and sit outside the pub on Marlow high street to support this business.

“They should restrict the traffic to one way or suspend the parking bays to accommodate even more additional outside seating in my opinion.

“I’ve seen this in other areas, and it was great.

“Bob needs to learn to mind his own business.”

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This person said: “If you are that concerned about social distancing then stay in.”

Following the ease of lockdown restrictions in the summer, bars, pubs and restaurants were allowed to reopen under new and strict guidelines in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.

But due to a rapid increase in cases during the autumn months, more restrictions have been put in place, meaning pubs, bars and restaurants have been forced to close at 10pm.