A TOP politician has come under criticism by a charity for the disabled for visiting a gym during the pandemic and ‘setting a poor example’ for residents.

Buckinghamshire Council leader Martin Tett was warned on Twitter by Buckinghamshire Disability Services (BuDS) against working out at his fitness centre in case he transmitted coronavirus from asymptomatic carriers.

The independent “non-political charity” also pointed to Cllr Tett’s age as a cause for concern: “You’re a man in your sixties.”

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According to NHS data, being 60 years old or more can make a person “more likely to get seriously ill from coronavirus”.

“…if you are over 60… your risk increases as you get older,” it says.

Cllr Tett, 65, reported on Twitter his intention to visit the gym on the morning of Sunday, October 18.

“A quick blast of early morning email then down to the gym,” he wrote. “Determined to take the advice to ‘get out more’ today.”

Cllr Tett included a gif of a struggling cat, seemingly performing sit-ups before collapsing.

Bucks Free Press: Bucks Free Press: Bucks Free Press:

In response BuDS wrote: “You’re a man in your sixties, @MATatBucks.

“Going to a gym to breathe in droplets from huffing and puffing young people who might well be asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers isn’t a good example to set.”

It is not known which gym Cllr Tett visited, although he lives in Little Chalfont.

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Bucks Free Press: Bucks Free Press:

The Chiltern Pools and Gym in Amersham said it allows for pre-booked sessions only with a maximum of 25 people, that people must arrive “gym ready” and can only use the changing rooms after a session, and that a maximum of 50 people can use the centre at one time.

Whereas a staff member for Fit Club Amersham, in Woodside Road, said people are permitted nine-at-a-time in its three fitness areas, that just 20 people can be in the premises at any time, and that gymgoers can use the changing facilities before and after a session but must give notice about showering so they can be cleaned. Visitors must also arrive in their kit.

And CrossFit Chiltern, on Plantation Road, said pre-booked gymgoers receive a temperature check and access to hand sanitiser on arrival, that class sizes are limited to 12 people, that access to the showers is available as is a cubicle to change, and that all equipment is wiped and washed.

South Buckinghamshire is currently at the medium alert level, or tier one, with an average infection rate of 102.8 per 100,000 people.

That means pubs and restaurants close at 10pm, the “rule of six” is in play in and outdoors, schools are open, and people should work from home, if possible.

Face coverings should be worn on public transport and in taxis, also in shops, restaurants and bars by staff and customers alike.

Areas at tier three or very high alert will see leisure centres and gyms closed.

Buckinghamshire Council has issued a warning about a “steep” rise in cases across the county since the start of October, urging: “While this increase has initially been amongst those aged under 30, it is now spreading into the older population where this terrible virus can be life threatening.”

A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire Council said: “The gym meets all health/Covid guidelines.”

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