AN EXTENSION to a property with a complicated planning history has been granted – despite harsh criticism about its design and the impact on its neighbours.

Alterations to a detached property on The Lagger, near Deanway, in Chalfont St Giles, have been approved by councillors, irrespective of complaints about its “poor design” and casting a shadow over those living next door.

The applicant, Jack Clark, was granted conditional permission for a two-storey side extension, a single-storey side and rear extension, and an additional rear first-floor window on his home, by the East Buckinghamshire Area Planning Committee.

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Bucks Free Press: Bucks Free Press:

The changes will also result in a more “defined entrance”, and three possible parking spaces due to the new size of the property.

And although the side extension will almost double the width of the existing property, it is considered a “modest addition”, mainly because the house is ‘smaller in scale’ than nearby buildings, according to council documents.

However, objections to the proposal cite ‘harm’ to the existing property and area, being “visually intrusive” and “disproportionate”, diminished trees and garden space, and loss of privacy for neighbours.

Chalfont St Giles Parish Council also objected, saying: “The development will overshadow neighbouring properties. This plan also represents overdevelopment of the site.”

Cllr John Wertheim agreed.

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Bucks Free Press: Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Des Bray, who called the item in for scrutiny, also said it casts a shadow over the gardens and rear windows of Nos.31 and 33. No.31 implored the committee to refuse the proposal.

Cllr Jane MacBean called it a “poor design” that would “impact the amenity space of No.31.” Cllr John Gladwin agreed.

The property itself has a long planning history stretching back to the 70s when it was transformed from an outbuilding in the garden of No.35, into a double garage, then numerous failed residential attempts ever since, until 2017.

Cllr Peter Jones said the proposal was an “improvement” and told other members to “get over it”.

Members voted to approve the extension, subject to a landscaping scheme and withdrawal of permitted development rights.

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