Following the really old Market Square photographs a few weeks ago, I had a request by email (thank you, Mr Peters) for pictures of the branch of Woolworths that arrived in the Square during the 1930s when part of the Crown Hotel building was converted for retail use.

One side was taken up by the High Wycombe based greengrocers H. & J.W. Aldridge, (I had a Saturday job there in the 1960s when I was at school) and the other by F.W.Woolworth whose vast empire in the USA as well as over here had originally been known as the “3d & 6d Stores”.

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The pictures I have are from the 1950s and 60s, with, firstly, the distinctive gold and red Woolworth logo visible to the right of Aldridge’s shop.

This picture is notable for, on the left, Marlow’s former two floored departmental store W.J. Daniel who had bought out McIlroys, and they in turn had taken over from the long established Morgans.

The second picture, which you might have seen before, is a nice internal view with Coronationv1953 decorations in place, and with helpful ladies positioned behind each counter – no selfvservice back then.

Below are two staff line-ups. I don’t know too many names apart from Elsie Langley (a Salvation Army stalwart) and Daphne Jones.

However I am sure that the tallest lady, back row in the second picture, is still around in Marlow these days. Our Woolworth’s branch was never modernised like most others and closed down in the mid 1970s when the whole building was converted for Boots the Chemist. For a couple of years Aldridge moved to the left hand side of the Crown into the former Alan Hunt furnishing store.

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I am sure that many readers, like myself, will have nostalgic memories of Marlow Woolworth’s noisy wooden floor, and the various distinctive aromas as you walked around, from confectionary, toiletries, household items, and up to the garden supply counter at the back.

Returning to 1953, Woolworths had a whole counter, on the top right hand side, devoted to Coronation souvenirs, and a full catalogue (inset) was available.

Most popular was the state coach and horses, available in various sizes. One of those today, mint and still boxed, especially the largest size, is worth a few bob!

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