New coronavirus signs around Bucks have caused widespread confusion - with many left questioning if the county is actually in Tier 2. 

Signs have popped up everywhere reminding residents there is a "rapid rise of coronavirus cases in this area". 

What is the confusion?

The signs ask people:

  • Not to mix with other households indoors
  • To observe the rule of six outdoors
  • To stay at home if you have symptoms
  • To wear a face covering
  • Stay two metres apart
  • To wash your hands 

But while Bucks is currently still in the Tier 1 level of restrictions (medium alert) - despite concern over rising cases - the rule about not mixing with other households comes under Tier 2 (high alert).

A letter that has gone to all residents in the county also says households should not socialise indoors with others. 

Bucks Free Press:

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What have resident said? 

It has left many people confused. 

Peter Grant said: "Applaud you taking the most cautious approach to public safety, but these aren't actually the rules under Tier 1 - rule of six applies indoors too. 

"Risk of confusion for those not so well-versed perhaps?" 

And Gary Small said the signage is "misinformation" after spotting them in Prestwood and Great Missenden, adding: "Apart from the confusing way its worded I can only conclude they are saying the best way of not going into Tier 2 is to act if we are in Tier 2.

"I assume when/if we move into Tier 2 they will say the only way not to move into Tier 3 is to act if we are in Tier 3."

He said: "As you can see it states 'don't mix with other households indoors'. As Bucks is in Tier 1, where households are allowed to mix up to six persons, this poster is incorrect and deliberately misleading.

"I am really concerned that people with mental health problems who are just managing with the help of close friends and family will read this poster and stop seeing anyone with perhaps dire consequences."

What has Buckinghamshire Council said?

Buckinghamshire Council has not officially addressed the confusion in a statement, but Cllr Martin Tett, leader, has been responding to people's concerns on Twitter. 

He said to one: "Being in Tier 2 has implications for personal freedom, mental health, jobs and the economy. 

"We are asking people to observe the rules and if possible, go a little further on a voluntary basis and not meet friends indoors at home.

"We need to support each other to avoid being in Tier 2." 

He added: "It's important we stay in Tier 1 by following the rules (hands-face-space) and, if possible, voluntarily going a little further and avoiding meeting non-household members (friends) at home." 

Despite the paper letter sent to all residents not mentioning that the Tier 2 aspects are voluntary, Cllr Tett's email update sent out on Wednesday does. 

It says: "We are asking you, where possible, on a voluntary basis to avoid socialising with other households indoors at home – meet up outside instead or in a Covid safe environment. This would make a big difference."