Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 31:


Your partner will be making some lively plans for the end of the year. After discussing these thoroughly you will be happy to let them call the tune. Planning for the future will make a relationship stronger, better and happier. Playing games that involve other people will give you the mental stimulation you crave. If your local pub, club or society has been hosting an online trivia contest, you should enter. You could win a handsome prize.


Be wary of people who promise more than they can deliver. Don’t divulge too much personal information if you’re in a new relationship. If you’ve been with your partner for some time, you will sense when the moment is right to ask an all-important question. You could do with a little more freedom. It would be much better for you if an older relative would ease their demands on you and understand your need to pursue outside interests.


A recent argument still plays on your mind. You feel someone is ignoring your needs and feelings. Whether it’s about love, passion or old-fashioned romancing, you should voice your thoughts. Your partner may not understand why you are annoyed with them. They have realised how important some things are to you. Keep in touch with your friends and family. Share how you feel. Quality time shared with people who matter will make life easier.


You’re allowing a partner or friend to twist you around their little finger. Someone is taking liberties and showing you little respect. They are acting in a way that hurts you and they’re taking your forgiveness for granted. Nothing good will come out of this relationship. You need trust, understanding and loyalty to feel emotionally content. Your entire focus, later, will be on a cherished goal. You have the qualities necessary to achieve this and you won’t waste a wonderful opportunity to succeed.


You’re excited about the future of a relationship. Even so, if you and a partner haven’t been together for long, take your time. If a lot of your social interactions have been online wait until you’ve met in person a few times before deciding how you really feel. Take this relationship one step at a time without planning too much too quickly. You aren’t so foolish as to expect a joint project to go smoothly all the time. Still, when you do encounter bumps in the road you will find a way around these, together.


You’re trying too hard to keep other people happy. It means a lot to you to be able to help your friends and family but in doing so, you’re losing touch with your own needs. Have you been looking after your health? You run the risk of being swallowed up by work and voluntary obligations and pleasing everyone but yourself. Make it your aim to sort out your priorities. This may mean being firm and making it clear it’s time to put yourself first. If anyone resents this, they aren’t a true friend.


A part of your self-esteem comes through harmonious friendship, work and romantic relationships. Regardless of your professional and material success, you need to feel loved and appreciated. If you sense you aren’t measuring up to a loved one’s expectations or you can’t please them these days, this will affect your confidence. Discuss your personal goals with your family. Their support will mean a lot to you. A partner will do their best to meet you halfway.


Don’t be fobbed off by anyone who doesn’t take your ideas or suggestions seriously. Be sure they know how important some plans are to you. Even so, there will be times when to avoid an argument you will need to bite your tongue. A youngster in the family could do with a little guidance. With life being so hectic, it won’t be easy but try to make time for your nearest and dearest. Being able to laugh, play and even do serious things together is important for you all.


You might be feeling a little lonely. You’ve lost touch with friends you used to see regularly and your social world has changed dramatically. It will feel like there’s a dark cloud hovering over your life. Don’t let this lead you to any port of storm for company. Think about joining a volunteer or political organisation. A change is as good as a rest and you could do with a change of scenery. Visiting a place that has links with your childhood will be sweetly emotional.


Someone is being secretive. You sense they aren’t being totally truthful. You feel disappointed that those you thought you could trust have been spreading malicious gossip. Trust your intuition. Be careful about how much personal information is revealed in a group discussion. You should be able to benefit from a scheme that has been put into place affecting your workplace. Something you do on a daily basis is made easier from approaching it in a different way.


You’re struggling with a decision to do with your home. If you’re looking for a plumber or electrician, ask for recommendations on a social networking site. One name will be mentioned repeatedly and this is the person you should hire. The chance to add to your qualifications will arise unexpectedly. You aren’t sure you are up to taking a long-term course of study. Ask a trusted friend what they think of the idea and how they would go about it.


Difficulties and problems in the workplace need to be addressed. There is a balance of risk as you approach new plans and ideas. You are working with people on a number of issues in the hope of minimising damage. A boss who is willing to get to grips with big issues will help change anger into acceptance. Find the confidence to say what you think and this will help avoid misunderstandings. Keeping thoughts to yourself isn’t really giving any relationship a proper chance.