THE DEMOLITION of a now vacant electrical substation in favour of a “landmark” office building is set for debate – but concerns over future parking arrangements could swing a vote against the new development.

A new “bespoke” office space in place of a redundant electrical substation on Riley Road in Marlow could become reality if Buckinghamshire councillors vote in favour of a planning application.

The applicant, Premier Financial Management Ltd, is seeking approval for a new two-storey office building described as ‘modern and striking in appearance’, complete with basement accommodation, “flat green roofs”, a roof terrace, and three on-site parking bays.

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There is mention of “living walls” facing Town Lane and the rear of West Street, “reducing ambient noise and improving local air quality”, according to a council report.

It is also claimed the development would ‘significantly enhance the lack of identity’ in the area.

Despite general support from Marlow Town Council, the town authority and two Buckinghamshire councillors have all highlighted possible problems with local parking coming from the new build.

Bucks Free Press:

Given the size of the new office, some 15 parking spaces are recommended. Three will be on site, with 12 displaced to other local carparks.

“There [will be] 25 people working there and only three [parking] spaces and the carparks are already at and beyond capacity,” said Conservative Cllr Alex Collingwood, who also challenged its appearance, and the ‘potential impact’ on his parents who live opposite.

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“The development is welcomed but current plans have insufficient parking,” argued Marlow Town Council. Adding: “There is a lack of capacity in town to accept displaced parking.”

Conservative Cllr Neil Marshall, who called in the application with Cllr Collingwood, agreed.

Other objections cite a ‘surplus of office buildings’ in Marlow.

The matter is due for debate during a West Buckinghamshire Area Planning Committee, on Tuesday, November 10.

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