BRAVE little Jonathan Adams has battled up the steps at his house every day for most of his young life.

The five-year-old was born with curvature of the spine and has no movement in his ankles, but struggles up and down the 16 stairs outside his home in High Wycombe every day.

Despite being top of Wycombe District Council's housing list for a year, Jonathan is still left without proper disabled access.

They are trying to re-home the family to make it easier for Jonathan, but so far nothing has come up.

Jonathan is now due to go into hospital for an operation on his legs to try to help him walk more easily, but he will have to be carried up and down the steps for a matter of months.

It is understandable that the district council cannot produce houses at a click of their fingers, but this little boy should be a priority.

The council has offered the family two houses, but neither of them had disabled access. The council is now liaising with an occupational therapist so we hope Jonathan will get a new home, he can walk into by himself, for Christmas.

Children are amazing in that they can overcome such tragic circumstances. This is why communities come together to raise money for Children in Need.

They know that helping a child can mean a huge difference to their young lives, and many kind-hearted people in Bucks have done us proud and paved the way for a better future for them.