An interactive map has revealed which area in High Wycombe recorded the fewest Coronavirus cases over the last week.

The map displays the number of Coronavirus cases recorded in the seven days up to October 28, which is the latest available data.

Three new cases were recorded in Hazlemere, eleven fewer than the week before. This was the lowest number across the area.

Four cases were recorded in Bourne End, two more than the week previous.

Four cases were also recorded in Loudwater, one fewer than the week previous.

Micklefield saw five new cases, half of the previous weeks tally. Totteridge also saw five cases, one less than the previous week.

Six cases were diagnosed in Walter's Ash and Hughenden Valley, eight fewer than the previous week.

An identical number of cases and a drop from the previous week was seen in Marlow Bottom, Danesfield and Well End.

Sands saw six new cases, down from seven the previous week.

Tylers Green saw seven new cases, two fewer than the week before.

Bledlow, Cadmore End and Hambleden Valley also had seven new cases, the same as the previous week.

Eight cases were recorded in Ryemead and Wycombe Marsh, two fewer than the previous week.

Eight cases were also reported in Lane End and Booker, five more than the previous week.

Nine cases were recorded in Flackwell Heath, down from ten the week previous.

11 cases were diagnosed in Downley, up from ten the previous week.

11 cases were also diagnosed in Terriers and Amersham Hill, the same as the week before.

12 cases were reported in the Town Centre, double that of the previous week.

Bowerdean saw a jump to 13 new cases, four more than the week before.