Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, November 7:


A long talk with a close friend will reveal recent misunderstandings were due more to outside influences and other people than anything that has occurred between you. Future plans will soon become a reality because you’re determined to focus on your long-term goals. It will be fun to get out and about and do more things with your favourite people. Although it will be less grand than normal, attend an annual social event. It will be more fun than expected.


Your partner or another loved one has been feeling lost, lonely and neglected. If you really care for them and you can understand why they feel this way, the best token of your love is to spend more time together. Are you single? You might start a new romance only to have a feeling this relationship will be over before it has had a chance to begin. Right now, you have other priorities and responsibilities.


You love to communicate. There is plenty going on in your life that keeps you in touch with other people. When you aren’t meeting up in person, you’re sending text messages to friends or meeting up on social networking sites. You have plenty to say but pause too to take in what people are telling you. Financial rewards and additional perks are heading your way as a well-earned reward for all your hard work over the past month or so.


No matter what you decide to do, someone will have a complaint. You want to please everyone but you’re starting to realise this is an impossibility. Although you shouldn’t be too critical or negative, you can’t allow others to restrict your choices. A partner expects you to see their point of view. They need to understand that you have your views too and you deserve their respect. Find a common ground. Compromise is essential in all relationships.


Tiredness makes you irritable and moody. A lack of sleep will have a negative effect on your productivity at work and on your closest relationships. You will find it hard to think before you speak and could say things you later regret. Headaches, joint pains and stomach upsets could all be related to worry about the future. In social, family and career matters, do your best to stay calm. Don’t allow yourself to get carried away by the intensity of your feelings.


There are a number of influential people you will be meeting up with, talking to and dealing with. Someone will be willing to step in and save a group project from going under. New guidelines will be put in place and if these are followed, all should work out well. Before getting into new social or financial activity, think about the consequences. You need to be able to make fresh starts without feeling any guilt or regret.


You can’t expect a peaceful discussion if you accuse a housemate or relative of being unreasonable. You are starting to understand why they feel as if they’re being taken for granted. A healthy dose of common sense makes you realise it’s time to get real and face up to your responsibilities. You’re starting to see an increase in invitations to parties, weddings and small social events. You need to be selective about which ones to accept.


You sense a relationship is drifting apart. A heart to heart discussion will reveal some common ground on which you can work together. Being able to overcome problems with a partner helps build character and confidence. Plan your schedule carefully so you aren’t left trying to fit in as much as you can at the last minute. A highly organised workmate or relative will give you some good tips on how to manage your time. Stick with these plans.


A friend is talking very little when you expected them to have a lot to say. You’re wondering why they aren’t revealing their thoughts. Because of this, you’re trying to read between the lines and getting it all wrong. You’re also reading their body language in the wrong way. Give others a chance to talk and then listen. A vivid dream will highlight the importance of a close relationship. Look for ways to engage your spiritual side.


If you aren’t paying attention, you could misinterpret someone’s words or miss out on a great opportunity. There may be a need to sharpen your listening skills. Encourage others to share their ideas and this will help you both to develop them further. Diplomacy will help build bridges and clear up misunderstandings. Progress will be made in career and personal plans but you still have a long way to go before you feel you are seeing the results of your hard work.


An official figure is suspicious about your involvement in events that have been causing a stir. It’s upsetting to be accused of something when you weren’t even at the scene. You can’t provide evidence of this and there’s not much you can do when you are telling the truth and others don’t believe you. Equally, they have no facts to support their accusations. Make more time for fun and pleasure pastimes and you will become a happier, more relaxed person.


If you aren’t happy where you are, think about moving on to fresher pastures. It’s up to you to do something positive to improve a difficult situation. Things aren’t going to change unless you take action. If you sense a loved one isn’t happy, ask them what is wrong. Are you in a new relationship? Your partner may suddenly become secretive about certain aspects of their life. They may be hiding the fact that they are married or they have someone waiting for them at home.