A BID to beef up security measures to tackle drug dealing, fly-tipping and vandalism has been launched by a community group.

A new outdoor CCTV system to guard Iver Village Hall from criminal elements could become a reality if the cash necessary can be procured from Buckinghamshire Council.

The Iver Community Association tendered its request with full backing from local councillors during a Wexham and The Ivers Community Board meeting, on Tuesday, November 3.

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The group is seeking £2,000 in funding for the new security system in hopes it will deter the area from being a hotspot for vandalism, as well as illegal drug use and the dumping of waste.

“This project should help deter these activities,” a report stated. “It will also aid Thames Valley Police (TVP) as it has in the past requested CCTV evidence from the village hall when investigating local incidents.”

The cameras will survey the high street, Grange Way and the carpark at the rear of the complex.

The case for the measures also cites vulnerable people in the community feeling safer knowing the cameras are in place – and preventing further costs incurred to the village by vandals.

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Pat Leech, spokesperson on behalf of the scheme, said: “The cameras will pick up movement in the street and the areas we own to try and stop the vandalism that’s going on.

“They shouldn’t pick up the houses opposite the village hall on the high street. I have spoken with people who support what we are doing.”

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