Since Maurice Oram passed away it is Rod Farrell who probably takes over the title of Marlow Football Club’s most devoted supporter. Rod’s mother Jean was having a clear-out last month, and some interesting photos came my way.

I had seen, and published previously, those of Jean during her time at the Odeon Cinema in Station Road, but here are a couple that were new to me.

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The top one is a bit of a mystery: the faces I can recognise were all business people in Marlow so it might be a Chamber of Trade function or something similar. There is Town Councillor Cyril Chalk from Chalk’s long established High Street Hardware shop.

Bill Fisher, his wife and daughter from H.Fisher Provisions in Chapel Street. Brooke Furmston, whose gents’ hair salon was also in Chapel Street. Like Cyril, Brooke was a Town Councillor, both serving at various times as Town Mayors.

Ken Drucquer, a partner at John Harleigh Sports and Leatherwear in Spittal Street.

Kath Page from the Clayton Arms in Quoiting Square.

Other names and extra information on the function would be welcomed.

More details and the date are to hand for the second picture, since Rod himself in centre on the floor (unrecognisable, see inset!!) with Michael and David Rockall close by. This was a circa 1960 Wethered Brewery Christmas party for children of the staff and held in the George & Dragon’s hall. Rod’s late father Andy is second from right, while Jean is far left. Standing next to her is long-serving Brewery employee Jack Lennard with one of his twin daughters in front. Jack was also an official at the Football Club over many decades.

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Let us know if you have any memories of this party, and especially if you are one of the youngsters having a good time. Incidentally, it has been over 12 years since I printed those pictures of Jean and the cinema staff including Manager Mr Hobdell – so it might be time to dig them out again.

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