Granite structures that replaced decorative planters after they were damaged in a car crash have been wrecked in another reported crash.

The bollard-like structures, in Oxford Road, High Wycombe, cost £130,000 and were put in after at least one of the planters down the middle of the road was damaged when it was hit by a vehicle in early 2018, leaving mud and gravel strewn across the pavement.

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The new designs were installed in August this year – two years after the crash – and the one that seems to have come out of the ground will now need to be repaired or replaced after a car allegedly crashed into them today (Saturday), according to reports on social media.

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire Council said: “It’s unfortunate this accident has happened.

“We are currently waiting for an estimate of costs for resetting the stonework and making good. We hope to have things sorted out in the next few weeks.”