Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships on the week starting Saturday, November 14.


Someone has been trying to curb your activities and movement. They have no influence over you now. You’re ready for activities that are different and more exciting than normal. Your determination to do something for yourself and recognition that you deserve this will make you immune to guilt trips. Just because you’re inclined to stay in the background, you haven’t lost your desire to lead. When the chance to take charge of a group project arises you will be the first to volunteer.


You sense someone is about to walk out of your life. If you aren’t ready for this you need to let them know. Be honest and open. Paint a picture for your partner in words and let them see how and why life will be very different without you. Once you’ve said all you need to, it will be up to them if they want to stay. Are you single? You have a romantic offer to seriously consider. If intuitively you feel someone isn’t right for you, trust your instincts.


Arguments will get heated if you want one thing and a partner wants another. If you’re talking about the future, don’t let anyone pressure you into agreeing to arrangements you aren’t happy about. You just need to find the confidence to go for what you truly want. You’re feeling tense and a change of scenery would be therapeutic. Failing this, a massage, listening to music or a walk in the park could help ease stress and anxiety.


An embarrassing situation could pave the way for an exciting chain of events. A close relationship will reach an important turning point. Events around Wednesday hold special promise for a friendship. Don’t be surprised if you feel a temptation to spend, spend and spend when you’re out and about and feeling relaxed and carefree. Most of the time you hate extravagance but this week, you want to enjoy yourself without thinking about the cost.


Someone who is outrageously flirtatious or overly helpful will turn you cold. You are enjoying your friendships but a new friend or partner is moving too fast for you. If you would rather take it slow, tell them so. Reverberations rumble on if you and a colleague have recently argued. If you are to work together harmoniously you need to find a way to relax in each other’s company. Single? Romance could flicker during a spur of the moment encounter.


You’re worried a young relative is about to make a big mistake. They’ve already made some bad decisions and you have a feeling they don’t know what they are doing. They will get defensive if you try to give advice but don’t give up on them. Continue to try to help and support in any way you possibly can. Eventually they will appreciate this. Are you single? Your charm and wonderful sense of humour will attract a certain special someone’s attention.


You’re treading carefully with a friend or colleague who has a sensitive nature. Someone is using their ability to make people feel guilty as a means to get their own way. Not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings is noble but all the while they are playing the victim, they’re getting everyone to comply with their wishes. Sometimes you’re too kind for your own good. In some circumstances, honesty is the best policy.


An idea or scheme that is put to you will sound too good to be true. It will cost you nothing but time to play around with ideas but if it is money that someone wants out of you, curb your impulsiveness. Don’t be slow to say no. With you being so wrapped up in your own concerns, there may be problems in some relationships. A loved one who expects a lot of attention isn’t very happy. They need to start learning to fend for themselves.


Take care about what you say in case your words are taken in the wrong way. Read through texts before sending them. Don’t hit ‘Reply to All’ if you only intend your words to be read by one or two people. A relative is in a pushy mood. Before you know it, they will have persuaded you to go along with plans you have never been keen on. Someone seems to know how to get around you.


Responsibility weighs heavily on your shoulders. You feel a little lost and alone even though there are people you could reach out to. Why aren’t you asking for help to relieve your burdens? Why are you hiding problems from people who may be able to help you? If you’re struggling with changes in your career, a senior colleague will help you adapt. Disagreements have caused problems in the family. Make an effort to patch up your differences.


This is not a good time to make a no turning back choice. Jealousy in the workplace is causing tension. Someone isn’t giving you the information you need to make a good decision. Expect positive results from efforts made in the past. If for any reason you’ve been putting off going to the dentist or doctor’s, make an appointment now. Health is not an area for guesswork or assumption. Leave the correct diagnosis to the professionals.


There is a lot of paperwork to get through. It might feel you’re spending more time than usual dealing with correspondence and phone calls. These are important. It can be annoying but often little things must be dealt with and cleared away before you can start on the projects you really want to put your time into. A change in diet could be good for your health. When shopping avoid those places that are filled with tasty temptations that aren’t all that good for you.