Children at Marlow’s St Peter’s Catholic Primary School used UK Parliament Week as the perfect opportunity to answer a question that has caused arguments among the British public for years.

What is the best-flavoured crisp in the country?

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The leaders of the respected Ready Salted Party, Cheese & Onion Party, Salt & Vinegar Party and Prawn Cocktail Party, all gave persuasive speeches to the entire school, with the children casting their votes to decide the best flavour of our much-loved potato-based snack.

And after an agonising wait, it was confirmed that the Prawn Cocktail Party were victorious at the Prospect Road School.

Bucks Free Press:

Liam, nine, is the leader of the Prawn Cocktail Party

Amanda McCluskey, Headteacher of St Peter’s, said: “It is important for young people to feel empowered and to understand that they can make a difference in the issues they care about.

“UK Parliament Week takes place across the country and this year, more than ever, we wanted the children to feel part of a bigger movement.”

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Nine-year-old Liam, who is the current leader of the winning Prawn Cocktail Party, said: "‘I enjoyed hearing everyone tell me that they were going to vote for me.

"From being a party leader, I have learnt how an election actually works."