A group of ‘elves’ in Marlow will do their bit to spread a bit of Christmas cheer by buying presents for those who live in the town.

A project called the Marlow Elves was created by a group of Marlovians this autumn, following the disruption of everyday life due to the pandemic.

The aim is that members of the public who live in Marlow, Little Marlow, and Marlow Bottom, must nominate someone from the area who has found the last 12 months very challenging. 

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Once they have been nominated, a Marlow Elf will purchase a Christmas present for that person, as a way of spreading positivity in what has been a very difficult 2020. 

One of the Marlow Elves said: “We have a number of residents who have volunteered to become a gift elf and the information will be confidential to the Head Elves only.

“If we receive more nominations than we have elves, then we will get Father Christmas to shortlist the nominations.

“Our gift elves will then purchase an appropriate present for the age and gender, and these will be delivered to the recipients in the week before Christmas.

“We also have Kindness Elves who are offering to help in other ways such as making home-cooked meals/treats, helping with shopping, calling up others, helping with the cleaning and babysitting.

“If you know anyone who would appreciate a helping hand, send their details to us.“

They also stated that they will host the ‘Elf Awards’, just before Christmas.

One of the Marlow Elves added: “This is where businesses in the Marlow area have donated a gift, and they will be given to members of the community who have gone above and beyond this year.

“These will be selected by a vote in the Marlow Life Facebook group.

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“If any local businesses would like to donate a gift for these awards please send us an email.

“We also have a team of elves who are sending Christmas cards to those in the community who are alone or who are in need of some cheer.

"If you know of anyone who would appreciate a card please get in touch."

If would like to nominate someone for a present, you must send in the name, approximate age and gender of the nominee, and the reason for the nomination to MarlowElves@outlook.com.

The deadline for the nominations to be submitted is at midnight on Friday, November 20.

For more information on the Marlow Elves, visit www.facebook.com/groups/402862624449784.