OUTRAGED locals have scoffed at the possibility of another fast-food chain and bargain supermarket in the town – arguing they are unwanted, will cause traffic problems, and something more ‘meaningful’ should be considered.

People were quick to deride the prospect of another Aldi and McDonald’s in High Wycombe, with some saying the town is “saturated” with such businesses and that the area currently being considered for construction might provide more “useful” opportunities.

A wave of disapproval followed news Buckinghamshire Council had published the approved budget for the two projects at Cressex Island, valued at £4.4 million.

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Although their construction is at the mercy of an economy in the grip of a pandemic which is impacting livelihoods, the council recently authorised the formation of a new High Wycombe Regeneration Board to oversee just such schemes.

The new Aldi supermarket – the third in the town – and McDonald’s drive thru are both said to be in the “developed design” phase, which refers to the “detailed design, planning application and costings stage” – and each currently has a project close date of February 2021.

Soon after the news broke, dozens of people voiced their disapproval online, with many saying the scheme is ‘unwanted’.

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Others questioned the council’s claim the scheme would help to ‘double the economic output’ of the town by 2050, while some feared possible consequences for road users.

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Several people began suggesting other ways to invest the money, such as in parks and outdoor activities, and healthcare facilities and leisure centres. Other shops were also pitched.

Some questioned why a McDonald’s was being proposed so close to another restaurant. “There is a McDonald’s in Asda, just across the road!!!!” they wrote.

“WE DON’T WANT IT OR NEED IT!!” wrote another.

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One Facebook commenter, Paul Hurrell, felt long-term careers should factor into the council’s decision: “Oh, just what we need in High Wycombe – yet another Aldi. Why not invest into something more useful that would create long time careers rather than shops which we are beyond saturated with.”

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Another commenter, Wycombite, was dubious about how much money the scheme would bring to the town: “Struggling to see how a new Aldi or McDonald’s will help to increase the economic output.

“Only so much money around so going to Aldi might be good for them but Asda or Waitrose or someone else moves out.

“That island would be perfect for something more meaningful, but I imagine the council’s heads have been turned.”

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Sadia Hussain on Facebook questioned the entire proposal and argued for more family-friendly leisure facilities: “There an Asda and McDonald’s across the road from there? How on Earth does this make sense, most of us go out of town to find leisure facilities and things to do and the thing they think we need is another Aldi and McDonald’s!?

“Isn’t this the same committee that said ‘no’ to Costco? Even that would have made more sense than this.

“How about giving Wycombe and its families more leisure facilities?”

The High Wycombe Regeneration Board has a series of big-ticket projects under its remit, known as the Regeneration Strategy. The Aldi and McDonald’s at Cressex Island is one such ticket.

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