An Imam at Wycombe Mosque gave up his Sunday to help the elderly across the town.

Haseen Jahangir, along with a group of volunteers who regularly attend the Mosque went to Micklefield on Sunday, November 15, to give several items of food to those who live in the area, as well as spread positivity.

This is due to the second lockdown that came into play at the start of the month.

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Imam Haseeb Jahangir said "It is very important that we ensure that our neighbours have food.

"During this pandemic, many have lost their jobs.

“We at Wycombe Mosque are doing what we can to help those that need it.

The good deed was done on November 15

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“Today many have smiled to see us at the door with food parcels.

“I pray that Allah (God) removes us all from this difficult time and cures those that are ill with this virus"

Sajid Ali vice chairman of Wycombe Mosque added: “If anyone requires any help with prescriptions or if anyone requires a food parcel then do get into contact us at Wycombe Mosque.

“We would be more than happy to help."