Several Aylesbury residents have expressed their anger after a new set of bike bollards and road markings have been implemented in the town.

The bollards, which have been erected across Churchill Avenue, have been installed on the road to create a bike lane for cyclists who live in the area.

However, this has upset several motorists who believe that the safety barrier ‘causes the road to be narrow’.

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Additionally, due to the bike bollards being fitted in, the road markings have been altered, but some motorists have complained that the old lines clash with the new ones which could lead to accidents.

One driver who lives in the town and uses Churchill Avenue on a regular basis said: “I think it is very dangerous.

The bollards and road markings are on Churchill Avenue

Bucks Free Press:

They were put up at the start of November

Bucks Free Press:

Several people have complained about the new bollards and the road markings

Bucks Free Press:

They are near the Mandeville Upper School

Bucks Free Press:

The bollards are all along Churchill Avenue

Bucks Free Press:

They have been split into threes

Bucks Free Press:

Some people believe an accident could be caused by the road markings and the bollards

Bucks Free Press:

One resident said that cars 'swing out' of Bowler Road due to the road markings and the bollards

Bucks Free Press:

Bowler Road is opposite the bollards

Bucks Free Press:

There is confusion over what lines to follow

“It has made the road smaller and I think it has not been planned properly.

“This is near a built-up area near a school [Mandeville Upper School on Ellen Road], which is next to a roundabout and this is very dangerous for drivers and school kids walking by.

“There are so many bollards that it might attract some youngsters to jump over them and do silly things.

“They [Buckinghamshire Council], need to redo it again and do it properly.”

Another motorist added: “I was driving along Churchill Avenue when a car was using the wrong markings, and they nearly came into the side of me.

“This can cost someone their life and it needs to be looked at.”

This person said: “What a waste of money.

“Why put a cycle lane on the road right next to the pavement which cyclists use to cycle on already?

“It’s ridiculous.

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“Also, when cars come out of the Bowler Road junction, they swing out because of the bollards.”

The bollards were installed on Churchill Avenue at the start of November, to accommodate the large number of cyclists who live in the town.

There are several cycle lanes all across Aylesbury, with many leading into the town centre or nearby villages such as Stoke Mandeville and Wendover.

Click here to read Buckinghamshire Council's response on the bike lane.