A pizzeria in Marlow Bottom has decided to do their bit for charity by making pizzas for the public in exchange for donations.

Da Luca, which is on Kingswood Parade, wanted to help their local community as regular fundraising events that usually take place in the village, have been called off due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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But on Monday, November 16, the restaurant had a bucket load of customers who were eager to get their hands on the Italian dish, with the company raising an incredible £1,633 at the time of writing

£532 was raised through cash, whilst £1,1001 has come through a PayPal account that has set up to help the community.

The money raised will go to the Marlow Bottom Playing Fields and the Village Hall Pre-school charities.

Marlow Bottom resident, Maria Graciela Fernandez, who helped spread the word of the restaurant's good deed, said: “Thank you to these lovely people.

“Thank you so much to Gianluca and his team at Da Luca that has donated their time, effort, and almost 200 pizzas.

“Thank you to you all for your support.”

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“Well done MB!”

If you would like to donate, visit click the PayPal link.