Police officers based in Milton Keynes are asking those who live in the town to help them tackle burglaries this winter.

Thames Valley Police want the extra back up as they believe more burglaries will occur across the country in the winter months, due to the days becoming dark earlier.

So to stop potential thefts, officers in Milton Keynes are intensifying activity to combat burglaries, by using crime data to identify areas that are often targeted, and by increasing patrols in these areas to deter and disrupt those looking to commit crime.

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Detective Inspector James Horseman, of the Priority Crime Team in Milton Keynes, said: “Being burgled can be an emotional and traumatic experience for victims and I want to make sure that we do all we can to prevent residents of Milton Keynes from having to go through this.

“Burglary detectives will be working with officers from teams across Milton Keynes to pursue and disrupt burglars and I want to share advice with local residents so that they can take some simple and practical steps to reduce the risk of falling victim to burglary and ultimately, join us in giving burglars a hard time.

“Most burglars are opportunists, so will take advantage of any moment we are seen to be letting our guard down when it comes to home security. The key things to remember are:

• Be sure to leave a light on if you leave your home unattended.

• A timer switch can help in giving the illusion that someone is home even if it is not the case.

• Make sure you lock your doors and windows, even when you are inside your house.

• Getting into this habit means that there is never a time when you go to bed leaving the door unlocked.

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• Make sure garden tools and ladders are stored away in a shed, garage, or locked storage container when they aren’t in use.

• Burglars often use the victim’s own items to break into homes so make sure this opportunity is taken away from them.

The Milton Keynes Priority Crime and Neighbourhood teams will be running an online question and answer session on burglary and home security from 6pm on Thursday, December 3.

If you would like to join the session, visit www.tvpengage.co.uk/mk.