THE DEMOLITION of a three-storey property in favour of a pair of new homes has been approved – despite fears the new builds will be “overbearing”.

Chartridge Developments received conditional permission to tear down an existing property on Village Way in Little Chalfont, so it could build two detached, two-storey homes, with vehicle accesses.

Outline planning permission was first granted in 2019. This recent application won approval on “layout, scale, appearance, access and landscaping”, as previous plans were “overly bulky” and out of character.

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Each of the new properties will have four bedrooms, an integral single garage, front and rear gardens, and three parking bays.

Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Des Bray, who called the application in for being ‘overbearing’, supported objectors saying it was a ‘detriment’. Twelve objection letters in total were submitted against the amended plans.

Cllr Peter Jones disagreed, saying ‘in six months’ time people will wonder what the fuss was about’. Cllr Jonathan Rush agreed.

Bucks Free Press:

“[We object] to both versions of the application on the grounds the proposed houses are still too big and obtrusive,” a spokesperson for Little Chalfont Parish Council said.

“The parish council is concerned that everything possible should be done to preserve the special atmosphere and design of Village Way.

“Such big new houses would disturb the character…[with] their obtrusiveness. The proposal is the sort…that should be prevented.”

Bucks Free Press:

The parish council asked committee members to refuse the application in favour of two “much smaller” properties.

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Another objector said the homes are a “substantial step-jump” in size compared to their neighbours, creating an “overbearing and visually dominating” development.

Bucks Free Press:

But by close of business, members voted in their majority to approve the application. Only Cllr Bray voted against it.

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