Cars parked on double yellow lines and in bus stops have prompted readers to nickname Frogmoor, in High Wycombe, as ‘Froghell’.

Dennis Taylor, who works in the town centre, told the Bucks Free Press he does not think the area is safe anymore, with buses struggling to get around cars to turn into Corporation Street.

He also described cars as being parked all along Castle Street with buses having to “weave in and out”.

Mr Taylor said: “We then approach the buses-only area near Primark and there are more cars and bikes than buses using this, at some high speeds too to race or beat buses.

“We enter Frogmoor, or Froghell is what we all call this – cars parked everywhere, even in bus stops, buses stuck and cars don’t care.”

Speaking about leaving work at 7pm, he said buses are “grounded” in the station as they “cannot get out due to Bridge Street being like a free car park”.

He added: “There are cars parked everywhere and a massive queue for Mr Cod.

“[We] enter Frogmoor and both sides of road and both bus stops are full of parked cars.

“The bus cannot pull in to let passengers on safely. Turn the corner by Treats and we have 11 parked cars here on both sides so the bus gets stuck.

Then another bus approaches from other direction – now we’re in a mess. Both bus drivers asked the cars to move and the drivers of cars were rude, threatening and refusing to move after so much shouting.”

He added: “Unlike most I have no car so rely on buses to get me to and from work, but it’s not safe anymore.”

Mr Taylor is calling on the council and police to enforce stricter measures on drivers parking illegally, saying: “Cameras need to happen [there] and ticket officers need to be on Frogmoor after 5pm until buses finish service at 10.30pm.”