Find out what your horoscope has in store for your career, love life and relationships the week starting Saturday, November 28.


A colleague is getting too used to ordering everyone about. No one should expect you to do what they demand if you don’t agree with them. It is becoming increasingly apparent that your approach to a job is very different to theirs. Don’t change your ways just because someone else says you should. It’s not a good time for making major career or financial changes unless you bump into one of those opportunities that seems too good to miss. Trust your instincts in this.


Your standards and methods may not be shared with someone you find yourself working with. Your ideas of what is worthwhile and value for money may not fall in line with a partner’s. Trying to thrash out such different views will only lead to arguments and tension. This is something that might be better postponed until another time. A youngster could be extra demanding of your time and attention. Their requests will stem from genuine need.


A strong sense of closeness in friendships makes you feel good. You can add to this by making group concerns a priority. You have a lot of faith in a proposed project and you’re keen to get started on this. A workmate will suggest approaching a difficult job in a different way. Don’t think twice about giving their ideas a go. Even so, be sure a new project has been properly thought through before setting it underway.


A long-term partner will try to move the goal posts to suit their own purposes. When your priorities differ, you need to talk. Communication and cooperation are key if you are going to avoid resentment and unnecessary conflict. New measures are being put in place in the workplace. You aren’t sure these are practical but if they don’t work and a solution to recent problems can’t be found, your organisation may be shutting down.


Financial affairs should be your first priority. A property or insurance matter will need urgent attention. Money interests may involve a third party such as a bank, building society or money lender and you may have to gain approval over decisions being made in this capacity. A friend or neighbour will take your advice seriously. You will be able to ease their mind by carefully pointing out how things look from various angles.


Not everything will be easy and you aren’t expecting this. Even opportunities you do run into will be approached with caution. You take nothing for granted and a careless friend could benefit from following your example. The question of health should not be dismissed too readily for it isn’t just this week but over the past few weeks that you’ve had a busy time of it. There hasn’t been much chance to rest and relax.


This isn’t the time to run into debt but you could find it worth your while to give some serious thought to investment ideas concerning land, property and the like. Efforts made to keep your loved ones sweet will call for patience but it will be worth it. Anything requiring creativity might be frustrating. A mental block will prevent you from getting ahead as fast as you had hoped. Taking your mind off the subject altogether will be the fastest way of dealing with this problem.


Misunderstandings can result through pretending to understand what someone is telling you when you don’t. Put your pride in your pocket if there is anything you don’t fully comprehend. Keep questions and conversations on the practical side. Friends and neighbours may not be in the mood to reveal too many personal details of their life. Pay attention to the tone of their voice and this will alert you when to back off.


You’ve been doing a lot to help other people out. A colleague is starting to take it for granted that you will include some of their responsibilities in your own work schedule. Make it plain to them that you may have been willing, recently, to do more than your share but this must not become a regular event. A softly-softly approach will encourage peaceful family relationships when your sensitivity to others will have its desired effect in leaving you with nothing to argue about.


People in power who are in a position to make decisions affecting what you do and cannot do are in an irritatingly changeable frame of mind. They may be trying to fit new regulations into your workplace without much success. So no matter how hard it may be, keep any feelings of annoyance hidden. A difficult phase should quickly pass. Relaxation will be easier to find by staying in familiar surroundings and spending time with people whose company you enjoy.


Before making snap decisions stop for a moment and try to see a situation from another person’s perspective. This could reveal a whole new picture which could, in turn, be of benefit to you. An old friend will be mentioned in a conversation. You haven’t seen each other for some time and this could prompt you to get in touch with them to ask how they are. You won’t regret doing so. You could learn something interesting.


Curb your impatience if things aren’t going as well as you would like them too. Are you expecting too much from those around you? Dreaming dreams that are too far out of reach will only lead to disappointment. In fact, pie in the sky dreams have no use other than to distort reality. Keep a practical and patient approach to all that you do. Budget money carefully and keep an eye out for discounts and special offers.