A teenager who rode a motorbike at 180mph near Buckinghamshire has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

Marian Vasilica Dragoi, 19, of Teynton Terrace, Haringey, also pleaded guilty to failing to stop for police, driving a motor vehicle without a licence, and driving without any insurance at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Monday, November 23.

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At around 9.20pm on Wednesday, May 20, Dragoi was spotted by police officers when he raced across their path on Turnpike Lane in north London.

He took off at high-speed and outran officers trying to follow him, prompting a police helicopter to be scrambled.

Officers chased Dragoi onto the M1, heading towards Hertfordshire, where he was clocked by the helicopter travelling at 150mph.

By the time he entered Bedfordshire, the chopper reported the bike was hitting speeds of 180mph.

Dragoi then made his way into Buckinghamshire, where he rode the wrong way along the M1 on the hard shoulder to enter a service station.

The authorities managed to make it to the service station before Dragoi could refuel and were able to safely stop the motorbike on the petrol station forecourt.

The incident lasted more than 30 minutes and Dragoi was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, theft of a motorcycle, failing to stop for police, driving other than in accordance with a licence and no insurance.

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However, despite using a fake number plate, officers discovered he was the rightful owner of the bike.

He is to be sentenced in January next year.

Sergeant Tony McGovern, the officer who arrested Dragoi, said: "At one point of the pursuit, he went straight through every single red light he was confronted with, rode on the wrong side of the road in his attempts to get away and even mounted pavements.

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"Throughout the pursuit, he continued to ride in a dangerous manner, and he only had the helicopter tracking him - without any police vehicles on the ground anywhere near him.

"He failed to stop for police and continued to put his own life and the lives of other road users, as well as innocent pedestrians, into serious danger."