Wycombe driving instructors have reportedly been asked to try and find an alternative test centre site in the town - otherwise the current facility will be shut down as planned in March.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is planning to shut the Wellington Road centre in March next year because there has been a "low demand" for tests there and that it was no longer a "good" use of public money to keep it open.

But this has outraged the community, with more than 6,000 people signing a petition to save it and Wycombe MP Steve Baker stepping in to help.

Driving instructors say they refuse to accept the argument for lack of demand.

The Association of Wycombe and District Driving Instructors (AWDDI), as well as independent driving instructors in the area, took part in a virtual meeting with representatives of the DVSA on October 26.

But there may be a glimmer of hope that a driving test centre could stay in High Wycombe.

According to instructor Adam Iliffe, the AWDDI has been asked by the DVSA to try and source an alternative site in the area that will fit their requirements.

Mr Iliffe said: "The DVSA insist that demand in Wycombe is low with 40 per cent of tests conducted last year for candidates outside of the Wycombe area and is anticipated to reduce further.

"It is difficult to establish where exactly is outside Wycombe area. Marlow, Great Missenden, Prestwood, Lane End, Stokenchurch, Saunderton, Beacosnfield etc are potentially outside of the 'Wycombe' area.

"Bucks New Uni will no doubt have individuals conducting test in High Wycombe but are registered as living in 'other areas'.

"Driving instructors refuse to accept the argument for lack of demand and with ever increasing development of the town we believe demand is on the increase. It’s availability of tests that is being reduced - not demand."

Mr Iliffe added that apparently the Wellington Road driving test centre costs the DVSA around £80,000 every year to run - and that on average in 2019/2020, there were 104 tests a week being carried out from the site.

He said: "The DVSA estates management offices have looked at suitability of other government buildings in the area in an attempt to maintain a presence in the town but none were deemed suitable so the decision was made to close the existing site.

"The DVSA have now asked local instructors to source a possible alternative local site that fits their requirements in order to consider continuing testing in High Wycombe area.

"The AWDDI are now in the process of seeking to source a site that meets with their requirements and present it back to the DVSA."

When approached by the Bucks Free Press, a DVSA spokesman said there was currently no update that they could report.