Bucks is now in tier two coronavirus restrictions as lockdown ends today, December 2. 

This means the entire county is at ‘high alert’ currently, but this could change again after two weeks. 

What does tier two mean for me?

Tier two restrictions will impact residents in a number of ways. Here’s what you can and can’t do: 

  • You cannot meet in a group of six people indoors apart from in a support bubble
  • But you can meet in a group of six outdoors
  • Pubs and bars will close, unless operating as restaurants
  • Hospitality venues can only serve alcohol with substantial meals
  • Venues must stop taking orders at 10pm and must close by 11pm
  • You can visit shops, which will be allowed to open in all tiers after lockdown
  • Gyms, entertainment venues such as cinemas and hairdressers will also be allowed open in tier two, meaning you can visit them too. 
  • Everyone should work from home if they can do so. 
  • Overnight stays are permitted only with a support bubble
  • You can visit a place of worship, but cannot interact with anyone outside your household or support bubble
  • You can now watch professional sport, such as football, in stadiums where up to 2,000 people can attend
  • Organised outdoor sports and exercise can restart

What else do I have to do?

Across all three tiers, people are still being asked to: 

  • Wear a face covering in indoor public settings
  • Attend school, college or university as normal, unless self-isolating. 
  • Walk or cycle where possible and avoid public transport

When will these restrictions come into force and how long will they last for?

Tier two restrictions started at midnight on December 2 as the second national lockdown ended. 

Tier placements will be reviewed every fourteen days and will be based on five criteria: case numbers across all age groups, cases in those aged over 60, the rate of rise or fall in infections, the percentage of those tested who have the virus, and the projected pressures on the NHS locally. 

Many news outlets are reporting the revised tier system will be in place until March 2021.

Will this affect my Christmas plans?

Some social contact restrictions will change over a short period during the festive season. 

From December 23 to December 27, you can form a Christmas bubble composed of people from no more than three households. 

You can only be in one Christmas bubble, however, and you cannot change your Christmas bubble. 

You can travel between areas with different tiers and UK nations during this time. 

You should only meet with your bubble in private homes or gardens, in places of worship or in public outdoor spaces. 

You can not meet someone in a private dwelling who is not part of your household or Christmas bubble.