A controversial £4.4 million plan to overhaul Cressex Island by building a McDonald’s drive-thrive thru and another Aldi supermarket have taken a step forward this week – as plans are officially submitted.

The creation of the new discount food shop and the fast-food outlet at the former High Wycombe Park and Ride site will create around 100 jobs – 40 at the supermarket and 60 at McDonald’s – according to documents put forward by Aldi.

But there are already concerns about extra litter, pollution and ‘boy racers’ abusing the area.

The former Park and Ride site has been a wasteland for a number of years and has attracted fly-tipping on a huge scale, so Aldi says their plans will be an “ideal opportunity” for redevelopment.

According to the plans:

The single-storey Aldi will provide 1,315m2 of retail space

The McDonald’s restaurant will be two-storeys and will have an accessible passenger lift

A new car park will provide 126 customers spaces – 99 for Aldi and 27 adjacent to McDonald’s

There will be eight cycle stands

Looking at the site from Crest Road, the McDonald’s drive-thru will be at the front left of the site and the Aldi will be at the back of the site

There will be new trees planted along the front

Work will be needed to adjust the site entrance by a few metres so HGVs can get in and out safely

There will be “extensive” CCTV at both buildings

Although there are Aldi stores and a McDonald’s drive-thru in High Wycombe already, plans say the new outlets will cater for a different catchment area.

The plans, which were submitted earlier this week, have already drawn some criticism from a nearby resident.

Paul Butler said those living in the area already suffer badly with traffic, particularly when there is a home game at Adams Park and when John Lewis holds sales events.

He added fears over extra litter, noise, pollution and ‘boy racers’.

He wrote: “We already have issues with cars racing through the local area and having a drive-thru McDonald’s may increase this unsociable activity.

“The police have reports on these occurrences along with the car club meetings held in the ASDA car park.

“We have two schools nearby. One primary and one secondary. Ultimately this is a residential area.

“Properties alongside John Hall Way were built prior to the Cressex Link Road and as a local resident I feel like my home is being consumed between the industrial park and this proposed development.”

But Aldi says the “open nature” of the site will “reduce the fear of crime and promote safety”, while planting new trees will make it an “attractive environment”.

You can view the full plans in detail by using planning reference 20/07802/FUL at the wycombe.gov.uk planning portal.