PLANS for a new discount supermarket and fast-food restaurant have drawn criticism from a local councillor who said the former is ‘unwanted’ and the latter will create traffic “chaos”.

Cllr Brian Pearce said a new Aldi supermarket at Cressex Island in High Wycombe is the “last thing” needed in that area, and a McDonald’s drive-thru in the same spot would require “immense infrastructure” on connecting highways.

The Wycombe Independent, who said he was ‘annoyed’ at having not been consulted on the plans, argued a new DIY shop would be preferable instead.

He also said the air quality around the former Park and Ride site was already poor without having queues of cars lining up to buy fast food.

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His comments follow news Aldi officially submitted documents to Buckinghamshire Council last week, outlining its designs.

The controversial plan to overhaul Cressex Island to the tune of £4.4 million was revealed by this newspaper after the recent creation of a High Wycombe Regeneration Board, tasked with the implementation of such big-ticket items.

According to the plans, the new single-story Aldi will span some 1,315m2 of retail space.

While the McDonald’s restaurant will be two-storeys and feature an accessible passenger lift.

A new car park will provide 126 customers spaces – 99 for Aldi and 27 adjacent to McDonald’s.

Eight cycle bays are also mentioned, as are new trees and alterations to the site entrance to permit HGVs.

The development will create around 100 jobs – 40 at the supermarket and 60 at McDonald’s, according to the documents.

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“The last thing Cressex Island needs is another cut-price supermarket,” said Cllr Pearce. “There are already five within a radius of about a mile and a half.

“I’m not a great fan of them because they do things on the cheap and there’s no customer service desk.

“Regarding a McDonald’s drive-thru, I occasionally frequent the one near Sainsbury’s and have noted the traffic in that area is horrendous, caused by queuing vehicles.

“To develop both an Aldi and McDonald’s drive-thru at Cressex Island would require immense infrastructure improvements.

“If the McDonald’s doesn’t have some kind of loop system it will cause chaos in the area for drivers.

“I’m going to speak to the council about this because a lot of thought needs to go into highways.

“I have never been consulted on this which is a bit annoying.

“It is good to see Cressex Island will be built on…but I’m worried about the necessary infrastructure for the queueing from the McDonald’s.”

Cllr Pearce also laid into a proposal to install traffic signals at Crest Road to the tune of £1.25 million, saying such measures ‘slow down vehicle flow’.

He said a major issue with the area in general was existing pollution levels.

“I fully understand the need for regeneration of the area,” he said. Adding: “Perhaps what we are more need of in this area is a DIY store like B&Q, Homebase or even better – IKEA.”

Steve Bowles, cabinet member for town centre regeneration, said: “We’re going to have to review the…regeneration plans post-Covid because the whole retail concept will just change.”

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