A woman had to flee a fire through the window in High Wycombe this afternoon.

A fire broke out in an outbuilding on Micklefield Road at around 12pm.

The blaze is believed to have started in a tumble dryer inside the outbuilding.

Fire and smoke also caused damage to an adjoining house and a woman had to escape through a first floor window before fire crews got to the scene.

Fortunately she was not injured.

Fire crews from High Wycombe managed to put the blaze out but the outbuilding was 100 per cent damaged by smoke and around 80 per cent damaged by fire.

Firefighters carried out a fire and wellness visit and put up a smoke detector and a heat alarm.

Bucks Fire and Rescue has urged residents to follow their advice on kitchen appliances, as well as closing internal doors to prevent smoke spreading if a fire starts.

Advice includes not using washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers overnight or when you are out of the house, maintaining appliances by removing lint from tumble dryers, or periodically vacuuming behind appliances to stop dust from building up and ensuring tumble dryer ventilation pipes are not crushed.

More details can be found at: bucksfire.gov.uk/safety-hub/kitchen-appliances/