Religious monuments that were built by a woman who was brutally killed in Marlow Bottom have been vandalised.

Tina Choules, 81, who died in 2016 after being attacked by Lithuanian-born Tautrydas Narbutas in her home in the village, was a devout Buddhist and made several stupas with her late husband, Michael.

The stupas, which are used as a place to meditate, are over 40-years-old and are around 10 to 12ft tall.

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However, this summer, Marlow Bottom resident, Michael Kemp, noticed that some of the monuments had been badly damaged, so he decided upon himself to fix them, only for them to be vandalised again almost instantly.

Bucks Free Press:

Tina Choules

Mr Kemp said: “It is very vindictive – why would someone do that sort of thing?

“Every single thing that Tina made with her husband were so precise.

“The parasol as well as the jewels, the sun and moon which go on top were broken off the last time it was attacked, so I took it upon myself to rebuild it.

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“I cemented it all back together, and as I used to be an engineer, I took it back to my workshop, took it apart, and rebuilt it because it was in such a state.

“I had to make a new top for it, a new star, as well as other stuff and it, looked brand new.

Bucks Free Press:

The top of one of the stupas that was vandalised

“I put it up in the summer and someone has come along and has smashed it all up again.

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“Tina was an important woman, and she spent a lot of time building them and I feel that we owe it to her to keep them as they should be.

“The whole village is up in arms about it as they [the stupas] are very important landmarks for us.”

In all, there are 10 stupas in the village and to keep them well reserved, Michael confirmed that in the spring of next year, he and a group of volunteers will ‘clean and paint them up’.

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The monuments are well-known across Marlow Bottom and following Tina’s horrific death four years ago, those who live in the village have vowed to help protect her work.

At the moment, two of the stupas have been vandalised.

Michael continued: “She was a wonderful, amazing woman.

Bucks Free Press:

Two of the stupas

“She was kind, gentle and the fact that she was a devout Buddhist would tell you a lot about her and she always had time to talk to you.

“I was gutted [when I heard about Tina’s death].

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“I couldn’t believe it.

“I find it incredible that anyone would do that to a lovely old lady.”

On the stupas, he said: "It is a remarkable job that they did, and I would hate to see them fall down because of neglect.

“You don’t do it for personal gain [fixing the stupas], you do it for Tina and her husband."

Several Marlow Bottom residents have suggested that CCTV should be installed to try and find out who is responsible for the damage.