Find out what the stars have in store for your love life, career and relationships the week starting Saturday, December 5.


A task you had been dreading will either be less bothersome than you had expected or easier to handle because of the help that comes your way. A friend or colleague may even offer to take care of it for you. Since this offer will be sincere, you should not question it. Accept a generous gesture. Make a point of getting in touch with friends you haven’t seen for ages. Once you start talking you will be surprised by how much they have missed your company.


You might reject changes under discussion. Other people are keen to make new starts. You want things to remain as they are. Friends want to alter pre-arranged plans. They find your stubbornness unnerving. Instead of objecting, go ahead and pander to their whims. A young relative will be surprised by how well you seem to understand what they are going through. Little do they know you’ve been through similar experiences. Your advice will mean a lot to them.


An ease of communication will help if you are trying to say something that makes you feel awkward or embarrassed. Rather than trying to dress up your words with lots of fancy phrases, state your cause simply. Where you will need to tread with extra care is at work. You don’t want to get anyone’s back up. So, when you’re with a senior colleague, especially if you disagree with their views, keep your thoughts to yourself.


You have a lot on your mind and because of this you will want to keep company to a minimum. Some quiet thinking will give you a new purpose in life and a clear idea of how you can use your skills in the future. Your next step is to make others recognise you do mean business. It could be worth it to rearrange a few items on your schedule later in the week to re-connect with some old friends, or join new friends in their plans.


A friend has been going through a difficult time. You’ve been going out of your way to show them extra kindness and understanding. Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and although you will not be expecting it, thanks and appreciation will come your way. The end of the week is a good time to sort out any outstanding money issues. If you’re sharing the cost of a small get together or a gift for a colleague, get such matters sorted out as soon as possible.


Some new and overwhelming responsibilities are thrown in your direction. You seem to have no choice but to get on with these. Swallow any fears and just have a go. They may not be as difficult as they first appear. If you’re starting an important project which needs to be completed before Christmas, be thorough rather than giving in to the temptation to take short cuts. A loved one’s ideas will trigger a few thoughts of your own and this could lead to a special celebration.


A neighbour or workmate will not only ask for your advice and opinions but they will also make it clear how much they respect what you have to say. For that reason, be honest with them and speak your mind. If you’re feeling at a loose end and in need of entertainment, take a look at what’s going on in your immediate environment. An annual event may not be as large scale as usual, but it will still be enjoyable.


A stroke of luck could boost your finances in some way. There’s something strange or secretive about an offer that is made to you. Although you will feel you have something to celebrate, it would be best not to tell all and sundry about your good fortune. A quiet mood that has been with you for some time will evaporate, leaving you keen to catch up on local events. Someone in your immediate circle will fill you in on the gossip.


Someone you meet will brag about their possessions or the amount of cash they have stashed away for a rainy day. Be careful about what you reveal about your own situation. The real reason behind their boastfulness may well be to find out what you have or don’t have. Keep your wits about you and don’t play mind games. You may have to adapt quickly to changing events and to do this, you will need to spend a little time on your own to take in everything that’s going on.


You have bags of energy. Don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to make some changes to your appearance. Whether it is a new hairstyle, some winter outfits or starting a diet is immaterial. What’s important is that these outward improvements will all go to highlight the way you feel so good in yourself. Discuss your feelings. If you can say what you are thinking and say it from the bottom of your heart, it will reduce anxiety and increase the pleasure you get from your relationships.


Someone close will have one last attempt to persuade you into making an expensive purchase. You feel they are being far too extravagant in their spending and this is where your stubborn streak will serve you well. Stick to your guns. Good advice will come your way from an older relative or in-law. Someone who is practical and careful will help you tackle a difficult job in a methodical way. You will be grateful for their assistance.


Keep business, friendship and romantic affairs completely separate to avoid confusion. If you’re longing for the opportunity to experience something new your prayers could be answered before the year is through. You shouldn’t have any reason to complain about being bored or that you’re left with time on your hands. If you’re able to lend a helping hand to someone who isn’t feeling very efficient or capable, be sure to do so. Your helpfulness will be appreciated.