“AN OUTRAGEOUS violation” of natural beauty caused by a major government project has roused locals to campaign for it to be halted.

An additional, ‘temporary’ HS2 compound in Great Missenden that will ‘permanently’ decimate grassland has lit a fire in the bellies of the parish council.

Cllr Mike Johnstone of Great Missenden Parish Council is gearing up to start “STOP another compound in Great Missenden”, with help from locals who are said to be great in number.

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The parish council vice-chairman said “enough is enough” after learning a new HS2 compound along the haul road will mean the earth in that location ‘will not be reinstated’.

“It is going to mean disaster to the area,” he said.

Bucks Free Press:

He is keen to kick-start a petition to make people aware of the ‘mess being made of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), without any regard to residents or the environment’.

The HS2 compound is linked to a “chalk embankment trial” started in early October and which was scheduled to last six weeks.

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“They’re going to ruin the grassland slope,” said Cllr Johnstone. “They were going to reinstate [it] but that’s not going to go ahead.

“In addition to an existing compound down by the haul road and one for civil works at the top, they’re proposing to build something in the middle.

“When we challenged them on why they aren’t reinstating it all, it suddenly became apparent they had other plans for this area – and they’ve talked about creating a new compound.

“It’s an abomination, it’s going to be an outrageous violation of the AONB [and] visible to everybody.

“They’ve proceeded to dig it all up, making a right mess of the whole process.”

Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Johnstone said further details about the works from civil engineering firm EKFB had not been forthcoming, and instead the council was told to ‘wait until January’.

“Enough is enough – it is going to mean disaster to the area,” he said.

“We need to take action,” said Cllr Peter Martin. “I’ve got residents queueing up…to demonstrate.”

An update on the campaign is expected imminently.

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