The long-awaited fourth season of The Crown returned to Netflix last month – with a portrayal of Diana, Princess of Wales at its centre.

The princess made a number of visits to south Bucks, most notably High Wycombe and Marlow, with hundreds of royal fans lining the streets to meet the royal who was, arguably, the most iconic woman of her generation.

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Now, the mother of a disabled man recalls meeting the princess, who she describes as “such a lovely, beautiful person”.

Anna Bowen, who lived in Marlow at the time, met the royal when she came to the town in 1991 while her young son, Lee, was at the Marlow Opportunity Playgroup.

Lee has Sotos Syndrome, a rare condition that causes quick growth in early childhood, resulting in children being considerably taller than their peers. It also causes learning difficulties.

Speaking about the princess' visit, Ms Bowen said: “It was beautiful. I still remember that day so well.

“We were there in the hall and she had her security guards and things. We were all standing in a line.

“She made a beeline for all the children who were all special needs or disabled and were quite dribbly and snotty – she didn’t care, she picked up each child’s hand and kissed it. She kissed my son’s hand – it makes me emotional talking about it.

“I think my son was only about two at the time, or maybe younger – but she was so lovely, such a beautiful person.

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“She was beautiful to look at, she had porcelain skin. She was so down-to-earth and normal, nothing like a royal would act. She spoke to my son and everything.

“I still talk about it to my son who is 30 now.”

‘Shy Di’ stole the nation’s hearts when she became engaged to Prince Charles in 1981.

They married in a seemingly-fairytale wedding in July 1981 and had their first child, William, in June 1982, followed by Harry in September 1984.

Ms Bowen, who now lives in High Wycombe, added: “Any time something about her comes out I do say she did go above and beyond her duties.

“She touched and spoke to every child that day, she didn’t care about having snot and dribble all over her.

“It was very emotional because of the way she was with the children.”