Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships on the week starting Saturday, December 12.


Resist the urge to rake up mistakes and disagreements that should be left in the past. Let bygones remain that way. Urge a friend or relative who keeps mentioning issues that cause tension and animosity, to follow your easy-going example. You will all feel happier as a result. Avoid known gossips. A neighbour who recently tried to interest you in their secrets will have another go. Make it clear you would rather not know.


It’s important to feel you can speak your mind. If someone is ignoring you, it may be necessary to push yourself to be a little more forceful than you would normally be. Just don’t confuse being forceful with losing your temper. You’ll get further and receive most respect by being polite but firm. Socialising with work colleagues could add some extra enjoyment to your days. You might be surprised by how much you and a workmate have in common.


If you can’t please everyone, it would be best to just concentrate on pleasing yourself. Keep this in mind when you’re with a friend who is in a contrary and changeable frame of mind. Tell others what you intend to do and make it clear you aren’t going to alter your plans. This should stop someone from being awkward for the sake of it. Creative hobbies, music and reading will be pleasing ways to while away your off-duty hours.


Give text messages and emails that contain offers and suggestions for the months ahead some serious thought. Not all changes that are happening now will be planned or anticipated but they could lead to some interesting opportunities. This is not a time for wishful thinking. Be honest and recognise where your talents and energy will bring the best results. Family relationships are improving and home life will bring a bonus of extra happiness.


In business and in finance, be certain to look before you leap. Examine anything that is unfamiliar especially if it calls for you to part with your cash. Look at business arrangements from every angle including all the unlikely ones, before you make a move. You will be offered a chance to broaden your experience through study or travel. Again take your time to think such offers over especially if you’re concerned about restrictions in place currently in place in any of these areas.


You prefer to know where you stand. You like to have things planned down to the last detail. Changes occurring now will take you by surprise but at least most surprises will be good ones or they will lead to positive consequences. Someone who has been reluctant to reveal anything about a recent event or situation will suddenly decide to make you their confidante. Once the flood gates are open, it will be hard for you to get a word in edgewise.


A disagreement within or connected to your home and family life is not all bad even if at first it really upsets you. From such lively exchanges could come some good ideas you will want to follow up. These will be ideas you wouldn’t have come up with without having been prodded by other people’s views. There could be a visit from someone you never expected to see on your doorstep. This will delight you and make you slightly nervous at the same time.


Hold on to a realistic and practical view of life. Deal immediately with what is happening around you where cash and work matters are concerned and do this in a sensible way. It might be a good move too, to think about how you might increase your own financial security. Consider ways of making what money you have do more for you. A close friend or neighbour is on the brink of confiding a secret but they will need reassurance that their words will go no further.


Follow up some daring ideas about possible new long-term plans and arrangements. You could be surprised by how feasible these happen to be. You and a workmate won’t always agree on methods and ideas yet working together won’t be as difficult as you expected. You will actually enjoy small disagreements as this gives you a chance to look at the job from different perspectives. It’s interesting to hear other people’s views and to think about them too.


Be honest with yourself if you know you’re telling everyone you are happy when you aren’t. You might think that if you say it enough times, you will be. You’ve fallen into a rut and you’re making decisions about your life with habit in mind rather than a sense of adventure. Do something to spice up your life. Sample restaurants, cafés and shops you don’t normally go to. You have some interesting and challenging choices ahead of you now.


Because of the changes and challenges you have been through this year, you have occasionally suffered feelings of insecurity and a lack of confidence. You have a big decision to make and you’re aware of what other people expect you to do. You are now starting to realise you should be true to your own needs and wishes, no matter what others might think. You will achieve success much faster if you take pains to hide any misgivings you might feel.


Everyone expects you to go along with their suggestions even if you aren’t keen on them. Swimming against the tide could, for a change, work out in your favour. Some friends or workmates are behaving like sheep and misguided sheep at that. Even if it means disagreeing with the majority, make your own decision and stand by it. An old friend you haven’t seen or heard from in a long while will take you by surprise by getting in touch.