An Armed Forces veteran and former butcher celebrated his 90th birthday at his High Wycombe care home – with an emotional DVD made by his family to mark the milestone.

Thomas Buttling’s family sent him a special DVD, which included tributes from his great-grandchildren, grandchildren, his wife, children and siblings after Covid restrictions meant they were not able to be with him for his big day.

A champagne reception was held at Shelburne Lodge, in Rutland Avenue, and residents enjoyed a birthday cake made especially for Mr Buttling.

Speaking about the DVD tribute, activities co-ordinator Jemma said: “It was tear-jerking. The whole room was in tears, including the residents.

“It was an absolutely phenomenal thing to do. It was such a great moment, his whole family history in front of him.

“He kept squeezing my hand because he recognised what was going on.

“Everyone he knew in his family was involved.”

Mr Buttling was born in Barkingside, east London and grew up there on a small family farm.

He was evacuated to the Essex coast and the family then went to live in Woodford, east London, following the evacuation.

He served in the Air Force, as part of the National Service from 1949-51 and, following his return, started five butchers, running them as a family business in north-west London.

In 1978, he and his family moved to Wiltshire, where he bought another butchers in a village which his son still runs after taking over it in 1996.

He moved into Shelburne Lodge in March this year.

Marina Glen, Deputy Manager of Barchester Shelburne Lodge added: “We are delighted to be celebrating a truly remarkable man as he reaches his 90th birthday.

“Thomas is such a popular resident who always has an interesting tale to tell, and we look forward to hearing many more.”