CALLS have sounded to have a road in the town centre “blocked off” to traffic to allow local businesses to utilise the space outside their premises.

White Hart Street, in High Wycombe, could be closed from vehicle access following pressure from businesses such a cafés who want to have outside seating to boost customer interest.

Cabinet member for town centre regeneration Cllr Steve Bowles said use of the already pedestrianised route will be reviewed by the newly established High Wycombe Regeneration Board following its first meeting in 2021.

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In a December 9 tweet Cllr Bowles mentioned “regeneration opportunities” he was looking at in High Wycombe, with help from an economic development officer and High Wycombe BIDCo (HWBIDCo) chief executive Melanie Williams.

When asked which ‘other areas’ he was considering for regeneration, Cllr Bowles said it was “too early” to comment.

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“Wouldn’t it help to have a Town Council?” chimed in Buckingham Town Cllr Jon Harvey.

“We are setting up a Regeneration Board for High Wycombe which will have its first meeting in the New Year and will comprise local councillors and stakeholders,” said Cllr Bowles.

“Our town centres need to become destinations of choice [and] they will need to adapt post-COVID. Part of this will be to reassess the existing regeneration plans for High Wycombe.

“White Hart Street is already pedestrianised but after talking to local business they would like it blocked off to traffic so that cafés can have outside seating areas to help bring the street alive.

“Deliveries can be arranged say before 10am, after which time the streets are blocked off to traffic.

“I am committed to regenerating our town centres and high streets so that they become destinations of choice.”

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